How to stay sun smart in Barcelona 

Barcelona is a wonderful city year round. But as the summer mood commences, life gradually maneuvers itself towards the beaches and the parks. The chiringuitos on the beach come alive again, new cafes and bars pop up in the parks, the lines of volleyball nets across Icaria and Bogatell beaches grow in number like a field of sunflowers during a bumper crop, and the ripple effect of smiles across the city becomes awesomely catching.
Whilst you’re enjoying sunny Barcelona, you can take confidence in knowing that the vitamins you absorb from the year round sun are important factors in maintaining the health of your bones, teeth and mood and for helping to prevent certain diseases. We do however urge you to, reap the benefits of the sun of course, but please be sun smart. Here at La Pedrera pharmacy we see many of the harmful effects of too much sun (sun stroke, sun burn and swollen feet to name a few). To really enjoy your time in this sunny Spanish city, we offer you some advice here.
Buy good quality SPF
Apart from checking that the label includes a ‘UVA’ and ‘UVB’ logo (this is the European marking which means the suntan lotion has the minimum required protection), be mindful that Barcelona is a very humid city and we’re afraid that even the most civilized of folk will perspire. Using a water-resistant sun lotion, whether you will be swimming or not, is essential. And for the best protection, apply the lotion every two hours.  If you are swimming, immediately after.
Here at the pharmacy we have a large range of suntan lotion products to meet your needs, from SPF 15-50, after sun lotion and spray on lotions which contain grapeseed and tea extract to help prevent the signs of aging and to accelerate your tan. And don’t forget those delicate eyes and lips. You should wear a stronger SPF for the very best protection. You can find some sunblock sticks at the pharmacy too.
Please drop by anytime to talk to us about the right product for you. Or you can access our range online.
Remember the sun shines beyond the beach

In a city as vibrant and varied as Barcelona, you are sure to venture from the beach and explore what’s on offer. From the old city, to the modernistic Gaudi influenced parts and up to the mountains above and beyond the city, Barcelona has much to offer. When you are out exploring Barcelona, be it cloudy or sunny, remember to apply your suntan lotion to any exposed areas, and at least half an hour before going out.
And before heading off in full steam of excitement around the city, let’s not forget to finish off your look with a pair of good sunglasses with UV protection. The potential damage caused by the sun to your eyes can be very serious.
Take advantage of the sunsets and sunrises and avoid the midday heat

Experts advise us to avoid the sun between midday and 3pm when the suns rays are strongest. But you need not worry about it cutting into your holiday time. Why not immerse yourself in the Mediterranean life and use this period for a delicious tapas lunch or a siesta. And instead, take advantage of the incredible sunrises and sunsets that we are blessed with in Barcelona. Some of our favourite placed to take pleasure in these are at the beach (there’s a big stretch of beach to choose from), and on various hill tops (Park del Carmel and the war bunkers, Park Guinardo and Carretera de les Aigues are a few good options).
We are however aware that sometimes the midday sun is unavoidable and likewise, experiencing some sunstroke can come on unexpectedly. If you suffer from a bout of sunstroke, you may feel that your temperature rises to 38C or above, you may feel your pulse racing, get a headache and feel confused or dizzy. If you experience any of these symptoms, drink plenty of water, move into the shade, and remove layers of clothes to help your body cool down. If your symptoms continue after 30 minutes, seek medical help from a local pharmacist – if left untreated the consequences can be dangerous.  At our  pharmacy we have very good homeopathic remedies that we can provide over the counter and of course offer you the best advice for your circumstances.
Avoid being wind swept with some cool accessories

Anybody that has children will know it’s important to protect them from the harmful effects of the sun. Many parents here in Barcelona take their children to the beach armed with picnics galore and supplies to deal with any event. One such supply is the beach umbrella. But how many of you have been the victim or the assailant of a flying umbrella at the beach? Rather annoying to say the least! The beaches here in Barcelona can get quite windy so why not keep your child safe, and everyone else on the beach, and opt instead for the newly tending beach tent. You can find them at many department stores and outdoor shops around Barcelona such at El Corte Inglese or Decathlon.
In the meantime, keep safe and enjoy the terrific summer in Barcelona.
Your La Pedrera team

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