Take the scenic route to the Sagrada Familia

Barcelona is famous for many things, but one of its most notorious assets is the breathtaking Sagrada Familia. The predominant work of Antonio Gaudi began construction in 1882, and although not yet completed, the church is still the most visited attraction in Barcelona. And for good reason!
At the pharmacy, we are often asked for the best route to the Sagrada Familia. There is of course a very direct route from the pharmacy in Passeig de Gracia, but we hope our visitors enjoy Barcelona to its fullest so we like to recommend the most pleasurable route for walking.
Follow these steps and you will enjoy a good healthy walk to the Sagrada Familia in approximately 20 minutes.
Come out of the pharmacy. Before you start, look down at the ground. Beneath your feet you will see the opulent Gaudi designed floor tiles that occupy the high end district of Passeig de Gracia.
Now, go left down Passeig de Gracia towards Plaza Catalonia for around 300 meters, pass the glamorous Luis Vuitton and Hotel Majestic until you reach Casa Marta (an education establishment constructed between 1901 and 1905 ) on the corner with Carrer de Valencia. Before rushing to take a left down Carre de Valencia, note the blend of the modernistic staircase and impressive gothic windows of Casa Marta – a real treat for the eye.
Now you are walking straight down Carrer de Valencia. Some minutes away, towering on the left is Hotel Pau Claris. Pop up to the swanky rooftop bar if you have time for a sneaky refreshment and glimpse the impressive church of Tibidabo standing on the hill. If the drinks at Pau Claris wet your appetite you can continue with some gastronomical delights a stone throw away (where the street meets carrer Roger de I’luriah) at the classic and traditional Catalan food and wine shop,  J. Murria Queviures – an establishment of gastronomic experts established in 1898.
If you continue further down the street, after passing the beautiful Municipas conservatory of Barcelona (a well renowned music school ), you will eventually be greeted by La Conceptio, an all encompassing indoor market. And we’ll let you into a secret…. the flower market is the best in Barcelona. And not only, it’s open 24/7 – often a lifesaver purchase has been made here.

Continue walking down Carrer de Valencia and you will ultimately join Passeig Sant Joan. You need to cross over this street and continue on Valencia. But first, we urge you to stop by the church of Sant Francesc de Sales. You won’t miss it standing strong on this busy road.
Keep going  and don’t forget to look up at the wonderful facades of modernistic Barcelona all along Valencia. Even the apartments on this street are a delight to see.
Now you are almost there. At the corner of Carrer de Valencia with Carrer de Sardenya turn left and continue up the street until you see one of the most magnificent and breathtaking sights of your life. The wonderfully unique Sagrada Familia.

Stop and savour the moment by relaxing in the park opposite.
Enjoy your lovely healthy walk. And be sure to wear appropriate footwear. We have a great range of stylish footwear in the pharmacy. Drop by anytime for some advice!
Your La Pedrera team

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