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Tell me about yourself 
I’m American but I’ve been living in Barcelona for 10 years and consider myself to have an active lifestyle…..now. Before my weight would fluctuate up and down because I didn’t really pay attention to what I ate, drank or how much I exercised I did or how much I. slept. Now that I’m 50 years old I realized it was time I took care of myself so I can keep up with my four year old daughter and be around for her as an active dad as she gets older. That’s my main motivation but I always wanted to commit myself to a healthier lifestyle.
What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you?
I’m results oriented so it means feeling good. Minimum number of ailments and maximum number of good times. A healthy lifestyle means keeping me on the beach and able to participate in sports with a healthy looking and feeling body.
How does Barcelona help you to stay healthy?
I play beach volleyball a lot and have my own private groups and actively participate with my family/friends of volleyball players. This means keeping up with the level of play is important to me so it stays fun and competitive. But I don’t really care about competing, as long as I’m on the beach enjoying sun, sand and sea!
Barcelona is also big on the social scene so you can’t really avoid it. But as an alternative to drinking store bought beer I have switched to drinking craft beer which is becoming really popular in Barcelona. Although it’s a bit more expensive, it ‘s a much healthier option because the ingredients are fresh rather than pasteurized and it’s actually stronger so I drink less too. In fact recently I wrote an article about the health benefits of drinking craft beer on Facebook  (you can find Ray’s article here).
If you had one day in Barcelona what would you do?
Play volleyball, then swim, then play then swim (repeated several times) and have a picnic on the beach until the evening. The best places to get involved and play beach volleyball in Barcelona are Nova Icaria beach, Bogatell beach and Mar Bella.
What are the top three healthy things you would recommend doing in your neighbourhood?
I live in Poble Nou which is an up and coming area right on the beach. The best things to do are cycling along the beach, walking (especially to the organic sections of the local stores and fruit stands – there are many), and walking around the marina and local beaches.
Thanks Ray! We hope to see you for some volleyball tips at the beach this summer 🙂

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