Coffee bean husks – a surprising cure for your psoriasis

Having suffered (and I really mean suffered), from psoriasis since I was four years old, I was thrilled when a supplier for the pharmacy proposed us a new product. A product that had not been interfered with. It was 100% natural. It was made of coffee bean husks and said to cure psoriasis. 
After my lifelong inquest into the solution for the ‘ugly disease’ that crippled my confidence and wellbeing as a child, I never managed to find a successful and healthy remedy. The skin thinning steroids, the vile smelling coal tar products, the cancer inducing UVA light therapy, the copious aloe vera plants, dead sea salts, cayenne peppers, fish oil capsules, gluten free foods, goats cheese slabs, jars of coconut oil and flesh eating fish sessions, never really healed my skin. While some items on my tried and tested list helped to alleviate inflammation and flaking and give me temporary relief, others were more damaging than having psoriasis itself. 
Although nowadays I’ve learned to control my breakouts by limiting the known triggers (for me namely stress and alcohol) and by treating my skin with those things I know will will nurture it (regular yoga, a healthy dose of sunlight, and coconut oil blended with ylang ylang essential oil), I still occasionally get breakouts of psoriasis. I accept it and treat it in the most natural way I can. And over the last two weeks I’ve been testing the latest find…….a powder form of coffee bean husks made by Cenipont.
Bought as a 40g pot of very fine, silky grey powder, you are instructed to massage it into your skin every night until it has been absorbed. The powder is rich in antioxidants, sulfur, potassium, calcium and magnesium and helps to remove free radicals from the body. An important point to note is that whilst this product is completely natural, you should not replace it with your regular treatment without the consent of your doctor.
The first day I used Cenipont my psoriasis were a little red and sore. As I began to massage the powder into my skin, the itchy red marks immediately absorbed this new provision like a dying flower might be hungry for the rain. The redness disappeared and I was left with a small layer of flesh colored dryness. After a week the patches began to shrink, and after two weeks, I was left with barely any marks, just a dull outline and reminder of the past flare-up. 
Not only is Cenipont medically tested and proven to help cure psoriasis, but my experience has made me certain that this coffee bean husk powder, remarkably, has healed the recent breakout I had. And I am confident that it will help others with their inflamed and itchy skin. 
It is however, imperative to make some points. These days I suffer only mildly from psoriasis unlike when I was a child. Those who suffer from severe psoriasis may need to use the Cenipont product for a longer period before seeing the same results as I did. Further, like most products I use to control my psoriasis outbreaks and inflamed skin, I cannot at this stage verify that Cenipont is a miracle cure that will rid of my psoriasis forever more. But it’s certainly an incredible, and natural solution to maintain control and live comfortably in my own skin. 
If you would like to try this new alternative treatment for your psoriasis, we stock it in our store in Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona. Do drop by and talk to us about it.
Love Anneka, at La Pedrera

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  1. Patricia Rojas says:

    Can you send it to me in Los Angeles,California, please?!

    1. Hello Patricia. Thanks for your comment. Yes of course we can. Please send your details to and we can organize to post this product to you. Have a great day 🙂

    2. Kelly says:

      Hi Patricia, I’m interested in trying this product for my psoriasis too. Did you end up ordering it? Did it work?
      Thank you,
      Kelly Sotomayor

  2. pere says:

    Pero esto es un publireportaje escrito POR la propia farmacia…un poquito de seriedad no?

  3. Carlos says:

    Hola. Tengo dos preguntas. Tienen tienda online? Y Este producto hay que compaginarlo con alguna crema hidratante? Se debe seguir con el tratamiento recomendado por el dermatólogo, en mi caso daivobet? Entiendo que hay que aplicarlo sobre la piel seca… gracias

    1. Querido Carlos,
      te podemos servir el producto.
      Puedes compaginarlo con crema hidratante.
      No dejes el Daivovet, hasta no confirmar una mejora importante.
      Muchas gracias.

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