Wonderful winter minerals

Here in Europe we’re on the final stretch of the winter season. The season that celebrates the transition of dark versus light, cold versus warmth and shortage versus abundance. Despite the seeming difficulties of this period, it gives us the opportunity to examine our lives, to honour our difficulties, to find ways to face those difficulties and to embrace the personal growth that comes with it. 
Having a little helping hand would of course aid us in this process. Using minerals is one such aid. We are blessed on this planet with many beautiful and powerful minerals. Many of which are profound tools that help us travel through winter with more peace. Gold for example, is an excellent mineral world totem because it represents the sun energies and the energies of renewed growth. Likewise, Topaz has the same effect. It also has an increased crystalline structure that leads it to spirit. Citrine too, can be used for sun energy. The beautiful Malachite is very good too. It’s green colour represents continued abundance, while garnets and rubies are good representations of the blood of life. 
There are various ways in which you can use such minerals. General advice is:

  • Wear them on or close to the body (pendants, bracelets, rings, key rings or carried in your pockets)
  • Keep them under your pillow
  • Use them during meditation
  • Place them around your day to day environment (home or office etc)
  • Lay the stones on your body for chakra clearing

We wish you a healthy, a fulfilling and balanced journey through the tail end of this wonderful winter season. 
Your La Pedrera team

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