Healing inner pain – a helping hand from Rishikesh, India

It was just the other day that I toppled over crying. Not with a baby crocodile tear but a river flowing o’er me.  After a few minutes of enjoying this light release, the river eventually lost its charm and transformed itself into a swamp of heavy pains and inflamed skin.

Was it normal to cry so profusely?” I asked myself.  After all, this problem was barely here nor there where the world’s problems were concerned. Quite frankly, I wasn’t sure I could live with this painstakingly low response any longer so I called on a man who is known to be a very decent spiritual healer. His name is Greg.

Sobbing down the phone, I told him I was upset by someone close to me. Before the words passed my lips, I knew it was petty. “Go on,” he said empathetically. So, with a dampened t-shirt, a fried face and heavy shoulders, I told him that this person has been going around calling me a fatty.

Before the tears made an appearance, part of me wanted to laugh profusely. Another part of me felt like putting on my slinky jeans and waddling in front of the mirror with a “Screw you, darling, I rock and you know it” show. Then suddenly a heavy sense of animosity took over when I realised that what I was actually feeling was an extreme sadness about the callousness of the remark.

Were people really so mean, unbearable and insensitive? I thought, with a heavy heart. Thankfully, Greg took hold of the show and helped me to understand the situation.

He began with telling me about some of the work he does in Rishikesh, India (often known as the land of yoga, saints and sages). “As a spiritual healer, I help people find and let go of pain bodies so they can uncover their true nature and live freely.” Obviously I wanted to be free so I asked Greg if he could take his magic spirit wand and remove the pain from me.

Even though your pain is triggered by something outside you, the source is inside of you. So we are going to heal your pain,” he said firmly, but lovingly. It seemed like a heavy duty task, so naturally I suggested that we just pick up the phone and tell the nasty name caller that they ought to start being nice and kind, how humans should be surely?!

Not going there Anneka,” he said again, as though he’d been up against this several times before. “We are going to fix the issue inside of you so the next time someone comes along with their demons, you can remain empowered and in a place of peace with what they have to say to you,” he clarified. I sighed and barely obliged. After all, should the other person not clean up the pain they inflicted? I recall thinking.

When you can get through those pains, you’ll be able to enter all your relationships with love, even if there’s a risk that people may chose to call you unkind names, or worse,” he continued. “Additionally, by healing your pains and coming to a state of loving freedom, you can heal others simply with your presence.”

Alright” I said as I sat upright.

Greg talked some more. “To heal this pain, first relax into a state of complete vulnerability. Think of it as the same feeling as if you’re laying on the beach under the sun, or if you drop into the couch after a long day. Take a deep breath in through the nose, exhaling in kind with an audible, “Ahh.” If it helps, imagine this as the opposite feeling of resistance.

In this place of vulnerability, or surrender, you can recognise what your pain is. Then, simply sit and observe it without judgement, identification or attachment. By observing and experiencing that pain in a state of pure vulnerability, you will see the pain gradually fade or dissolve, perhaps like a puff of mist disappearing before you. In this way, you release the pain. More accurately, it simply leaves without any action on your part. Vulnerability or surrender does not require energy on your part; it is in fact the opposite of exerting energy. This is the powerfully simple process of healing yourself.”

I did what he instructed. Where the emotion came from I don’t know, but as I felt it flowing through me, like a heavy gust of wind passing by, I realised then that I had the capacity and power to simply observe the emotion rather than allow it to take power over me.  When the sobbing finished I toppled over laughing again and felt rather silly.

As I embraced this new light and empowered state, I also gave myself the pleasure of saying “I love you Anneka.” I said it because I loved my body and I loved myself for enduring the pain and finding the power to ride it out and rise above.

After that exhausting session of soul work, I thanked Greg for sharing his tools and wisdoms. “It’s a pleasure dear“, he kindly said. “That’s why I’m here.” It was a clear sign that his calling was to help people on this earth. Then I remembered the real reason for healing when Greg popped back up and said. “Sometimes it takes us to work on ourselves for us to be in healthy human relationships. Sometimes it requires more than one party to work on themselves too. When both people are in a state of peace and empowerment, love flows much easier.

So with those lessons of self-healing, I also took away the reminder to remain in the heart center with love and compassion in times of animosity. Not for justification of other people’s unkindly words and actions, but simply to maintain a high energetic frequency for the sake of my own life and for the sake of nurturing those relationships that I wish to be as loving and as  harmonious as is mortally possible.

From Greg and us, we wish you well and likewise, we urge you on in times of emotional difficulty to take the courage to apply Greg’s simple techniques of self-healing.

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