Did you have any realisations last year?

One day last year, I found myself sitting below the late morning sun on a Greek island.  I must say, she was a very unique island. Some of her visitors told me that they’d had many a mystical experience with her.  As indeed did I this particular morning.

While I was busy working away at my laptop and drinking a pot of tea, an amphibian turned up. His speedy walk across the white washed wall caught my mind. Something told me he was looking for an audience.

Then, just as I thought that thought, he began with a series of what looked like press-ups.  As you may imagine, I was dumbfounded and broke into laughter.  It was a big chuckle that seemed to reach him because he stopped dead in his tracks.

I have to say, I was somewhat amazed by this incident and likewise, a little dissatisfied that he’d stopped. As though he’d heard me again, he continued on with his press-ups before he presented me with a charming smile and scurried off across the wall.

In the same moment, the entire garden around me gave off a new vibe, as if it too was amused by the show. I realised then that I felt lighter and brighter by the entertainment.

It had me thinking. Was it me or did the entire microcosm talk to me? Or was it all just a projection of my mind?

I wasn’t entirely sure, but what I did understand is that God’s creatures, great and small, are all together in this life. One at a time they seem to serve the next with their God given gifts – be it a performance, a fragrance, a nuance or simply a compliment.

It’s for that realisation that we’d like to thank you for allowing us to serve you, our customers and readers, throughout the years and for the future to come.

With love, gratitude and sincerity.

Happy New Year!

Anneka, Teresa and the team at Farmacia Barcelona

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