Another Sant Jordi, another poem


Here we are again, another year, another book and another spectacular moment to celebrate Sant Jordi – the day of the lovers – in Barcelona.

As it stands, the 23rd April is still the most romantic day of the year, where men and women all over the city exchange books for roses to honour their romantic patron saint, Sant Jordi (Saint George).

And as it stands, I still ponder everything to the nth degree, so I went about investigating my mood for this year’s event.

What I found myself doing was delving into a memory I had of an old love, who’s now one of my very good friends. But the journey I went through to get from friend, to crush, to love, to enemy, to love, to villain and back to friend, was a roller-coaster ride of heavy emotions, heavy pain, lots of rain and a huge lesson in letting go of another so that each one could find their own lives throughout the storm of love at first sight.

So for the sake of love, of gratitude to the courageous Sant Jordi and in honour of this marvellous tradition, I’d like to pay homage to my very good friend, and all the lovers that are willing to hold a flame in their hearts, despite love´s circumstances.

Meanwhile, since Sant Jordi has been coupled with World Book Day, I find it only only appropriate that I should share my personal story of love through the form of a poem.

I hope it inspires your own versions.



A Gracious Man

Chiselled features
Lego man
Hammer hands;
I was your biggest fan

Big shoulders
Gentle feathers
Kindred spirits;
Your heart never weathers

Soft speech
Toy talk
Kind thou;
I loved our country walk

Handsome home
A paradox
Safe place;
You’re a bountiful silver fox

Good bed
Soft cotton
Loose lips;
Our parting was rotten

Horror story
Undignified act
Sad souls;
Grateful to be in tact

Time tocked
Selfless shame
Reigned flame;
Happy you speak my name

Finally friends
Wonderful sky
Different souls;
Love birds are made to fly

Eternal lover
No wonder
Always together;
Connected in the ether



As the day of the book and the rose swirls and twirls in your minds and hearts, enter the city at your own risk. There is a feast waiting for you.

On a more serious note, Happy Sant Jordi dear readers, enjoy.

P.S. if you´re looking for a Sant Jordi book and would like to get more of Anneka´s poetry, you can get hold of the ebook here.


With love
Anneka and Teresa


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