To friendship on Sant Joan

Alas, here we are again, passing the celebration of Saint John the Baptist.

Here in Barcelona, the Feast of Sant Joan is currently passing through our minds and souls and gifting us once again with a night of fires and friends, the beginning of summer and an opportunity to decide how we want to live.

While in honour of Saint John and his patronage of love, loyalty and friendships (among others), I’d like to pay homage to the divinity that shall likely flaw the fireworks and implode into love for each generous offering, each generous smile and each generous recipient across the city and further afield this weekend.

I suspect that it is Saint John himself behind the wheels as the enrichment of festivities fill the air, capture our hearts and usher us on towards our neighbours.

It’s for that reason that we offer you our friendship and love through the spirit of Sant Joan and his burning wheels of desire today.

Happy Sant Joan everyone.

With love
Anneka and Teresa

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