The green path to love

This week, as the sun scorched my skin and the dry air tightened around my throat, I felt as though I was wilting on the city streets. The days passed through me and the nights kept me awake until the heat began to press on me. So one night, I got up with an idea.

I sluggishly walked to my terrace, waved at the midnight stars and looked around at my plant pots. The moment invited me in to inhale their green love and press into their beauty. I wasn’t in it for anything else, I noted. So one by one I took them into my bedroom until it took on the form of a tropical yet eccentric green heaven.

I can’t be sure whether it was my state of mind, the new energy spheres in the room or a figment of my green heart imagination. But that night, as I drifted off into sleep, I entered another realm.

The birdsong chipper was no longer a whisper but the music of the night. While the leafy green plants were no longer the ornaments but big spirits dazzling white. And the flower bed rays were no longer dancing but were angels playing bright.

So what was it in the green leaves and the green love that I found on my terrace that night? I’ll never be perfectly sure, but I was quite sure that they served my soul, fed my heart and inspired my mind.

So if you’re ever wondering where to go or what to do, I’d say…..head to the green space. It’ll have you chipper in no time.

With love
Anneka and Teresa

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