Here’s to newness

A week ago, despite the building heat of Barcelona, I made a pact to meet some friends for a country walk. We were long standing friends that had met in the city many years ago.

Duyen was the atypical Asian beauty who claimed to have an Italian soul for food, an artistic talent in crochet and a need to move with her new love to the Canadian mountains. Niki was the atypical Spanish goddess who’d spent the last month learning how to use a pendulum, working through her chakras and healing her life’s mission. She was now letting go of the past and stepping into pastures new with her creative dance and pilates business. Then there was me, the atypical Brit who refused to live with a title and was on a mission to lift my soul into my heart every day until the day I died.

It was a Thursday morning when the three of us set off by train, wrapped up and packed up with picnics of peaches and bottles of boiling coffee in the direction of Baixador.

“I feel ever so nostalgic.” I told the girls as we began our trek over to the beautiful hippy village of La Floresta. It was our final meeting before the three of us went our separate ways and started something new in our lives.

“But it’s a wonderful way to spend our last meeting.” Duyen piped up as the ever enlightened masterful one who had a flair for letting go and living without fear.

I couldn’t help but feel a knot in my stomach and an emotion pouring through my mind at the thought of our future long distance friendship. It was a pattern I held in my soul as the one that wanted to carry everyone around with me as precious stones, stamped around my neck.

“You know, it feels cruel if somewhat romantic moving through life in the way we do. It feels all encompassing and lonely at the same time.” I added with the knot growing at the thought of life’s state of impermanence.

“Let’s take it as an opportunity to stay present and connect to the infinite.” Niki added with a soft and comforting touch.

As we walked the dust paths and met with new horizons along the way, I pondered the meaning of this moment, my friendships, my life and the pastures new we were about to step into.

“Can we take a rest ladies?” I asked as I yearned for my coffee flask.

We sat down in a spot facing a little lake and decided to do a short meditation on the topic of newness. I closed my eyes, sat upright and began to breathe with focus. My stomach loosened and so did my mind. Before long it took on a state of oneness and none ness. What was it that I was observing as I opened my mind and found two precious ladies sitting besides me drinking coffee and eating peaches? I couldn’t explain the feeling but it felt like some sort of mystical dream. I was both present and not. I was both in and out. I was both women and both peaches. I was merely but as aspect of the scene in front of my mind’s eye. Every breath was new. Every movement too. Newness was inevitable, however great or small it felt in our lives.

“I feel so much love for you both.” I said with the wind. Duyen and Niki smiled across at me. I sat with the moment as I thanked the great one for bringing them to me. Then they gave me a hug before we continued on with our trek.

Now, as I find myself at home, alone, writing out my reflections, I sit with what was. The day was glorious and an enriching experience in its grandest form. It was perfectly orchestrate, perfectly performed and perfectly adored with the beauty of love and gratitude.

It was for that, that I celebrate newness now as I celebrate my friends and their new encounters, their new lovers and their new endeavours.

Here’s to life and newness in its grandest form.

With love and light
Anneka and Teresa

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