How we benefit from the expressive arts

This summer I become indulged in hosting and facilitating poetry workshops in and around the city of Barcelona and was reminded yet again, under a new guise, the power in the art of poetry.

For the past decade, my indulgence was in the art of creating and the art of writing itself. And when that art become far too healing and far too enjoyable to keep to myself, I decided to share it with the guests of my workshops.

In large groups, small groups and one-on-one’s, people came to write, share and explore this ancient expressive art form. So beautiful were the meetings that I couldn’t help but notice something sacred happening. I noticed that just like a crystal selecting a person, a man selecting a woman, an employer selecting an employee and a baby selecting its arrival date, poetry was selecting its poets.

In fact, I noticed that in those that were willing themselves to write, magnificent things were happening. Writers of all levels were connecting to their spirit, their emotions, their unconscious, their dreams and to the infinite flow that was waiting for them to contact.

After the workshops, the voices would come back a forth;

“I couldn’t stope crying, I think I opened an emotional portal.”
“I didn’t realise I could write poetry like that.”
“I can’t believe how vivid my mind become when I started writing.”
“I think I was releasing a wound from my past.”
“I connected to my deceased mother.”
“That was so much fun.”
“I don’t understand where the creative flow comes from.”
“I felt like I was in a meditation.”

I knew that writing had a very potent grip on me and I was amazed to see how it had the same impact on others. There was no doubt that poetry was there to serve the soul and the poet existed to serve the reader.

It had me questioning the expressive arts and its multi functional role it had in our lives. Then I remembered the artists I’d met who would tell me that art saved their life and the dancers I’d met who told me that dance allowed them to express their feelings and the sculptors I’d met who could realise their potential through their hands.

It’s for that, that I encourage poetry and art. I’ve realised its worth in how it heals, draws people together and creates beauty and grace in the process.

Here’s to more of that.

With love
Anneka Lott

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