A sacred falcon messenger

It was New Year’s Day and I took the opportunity to walk. With a lifelong friend, we went to visit the mountains above Barcelona.

After our two hour climb under the dazzling sun and our one hour meditation at the top, we stopped for a short tea break before we briskly walked back down the mountain.

After passing through a large open plain filled with heather, we eventually arrived at a small forest. There, laying on the floor, below a pine tree, was a very big falcon feather. Awestruck, I picked it up.

“What a gift.” My friend said. “Perhaps the falcon is your guardian.” He added.

“What do you mean?” I asked with a sense of innocence.

“Well. The bird is known to be connected to the spirit world. If a falcon crosses your path it’s probable that spirit is delivering you a message.” He presumed with confidence.

“What do you think it’s telling me?” I continued to ask as I looked into the stripy left winged feather.

“The falcon will intuitively tell you. But usually it’s connected to wisdom and having the power to overcome challenging situations.” He had me believe.

I knew my friend well and was accustomed to his depth of knowledge. But something about his comments talked to my heart. It was true, what he said about triumph. The previous year had delivered more than enough opportunity to sustain my ability to triumph through the nets of evil.

Yet as I stood in the forest dwelling with the falcon spirit and my loyal friend, I felt only one need. I needed to lift myself up in to peace. To have my obstacles obsolete and to be light in my flight.

Isn’t that what each of us is looking for? Peace in our souls? It is in that vain, that our new year message and wish for each of us is for success, victory and peace in the flow that takes us there.

Happy New Year.

With love.

Anneka and Teresa

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