Interview with crystal and reiki healer Pierluigi

In times of trouble I always look towards the wise and wonder what they would say or do. Then I remembered an encounter I had with a very young wise man whilst I was staying at a retreat centre in Penedes. When I met him he was in the kitchen soaking a handful of crystals in a water bowl. I couldn’t really deny it, he looked like Hindu sage, Kapila. His hair was knotted above his head and his burnt orange scarf was draped around him with elegant poise. His big brown eyes sparkled and he walked around the kitchen like a soft river.


“Ciao. Sono Pierluigi.” He said in Italian.


Naturally I chuckled at my primary judgement. Or perhaps it was the comical alignment he chose to follow with his looks rather than his accent.


“Hey, I’m Anneka. Nice to meet you.” I happily offered. “Are you a healer?” I asked, somewhat hoping he was.


“We are all healers for each other. But I do work with crystals and reiki.” He said.


That was it, I thought. He’s a real humble sage, I muttered to myself as I looked through his almost transparent aura.


“I also teach yoga.” He added.


I was incredibly drawn to Pierluigi and later that afternoon I spent some time talking to him in the garden. We were enjoying a hot honey and turmeric tea when he said, “Anneka, would you like to receive a healing session?”


Of course, I was never averse to receiving a divine gift nor to helping keep my energy light and clean. So I agreed to have a session in the shala that night.


When I arrived the space had been warmed up by the sunlight. The curtains fell beautifully along the arched windows and the smell of the shala had a hint of Aqua Florida.


Pierluigi greeted me with a very heartfelt hug and asked me to lie on his therapy table.


As I made myself comfortable under a colourful woolen blanket, he explained that he would be working with both reiki and crystals. He also told me that reiki was an energy healing practice whereby the healer would channel universal life energy to facilitate the healing process of the soul, and that crystals too were adept at healing the energy of a person, by transferring the right energy to the place where the person needed it.


I felt confident with what he described and closed my eyes without expectation. But to my surprise, the relaxed state didn’t last long. Rather, I felt a shot of energy run through my body and force me to cry. Through my tears I breathed hard and told myself to allow the energy do what it needed.


Then just as that happened I sank into the bed and finally relaxed while I felt Pierluigi insert a series of crystals on top of my body. One lay over my heart chakra and the other over my solar plexus (around my belly button). The crystals felt heavy in weight, as if they held a huge amount of power yet sent out very light energy frequencies. All of which felt very different. With the reiki flowing through my system and the healing of the crystals my mind began to surrender and empty with the new clean waves.


During the session I couldn’t grasp a real concept of time but when the session finished I discovered that an hour had passed. Pierluigi woke me up with a kindly smile and a glass of water. Strange enough I felt very light and full of energy so I got up and felt called to his altar of beautiful crystals.


“I’m very jealous, I must admit.” I said. “What a gift to work with crystals.” I added.


“Yes crystals are amazing.” He replied, with his hand placed over his heart. “Crystals have life. I feel so blessed to work with them.”


“Do you think the crystals selected you to work with them?” I asked, sincerely.


“We all have a connection to divine, to god, but each one of us has a different frequency and language. Some people resonate more with animals and nature and people and some people resonate more with crystals. My channel is crystals.” He told me.


“Likewise, when I work with them, the crystal decides if it needs to go to someone or not. They speak to me and I use them intuitively.  They have a certain frequency and will guide me to place them on the part of the body that the person needs.” He told me.


I was incredibly intrigued and blessed to have this discussion with Pierluigi I realised.


“So how do you talk to a crystal?” The words came running out.


“Sometimes it’s not so evident but usually the crystal talks in various ways. For example, it may vibrate in my pocket or perhaps I’ll be staring at it for a prolonged period. Perhaps it will sparkle or perhaps I’ll just feel called to pick it up. Crystals have a voice. The important thing is to listen and trust it.” He told me.


“Do you work on yourself with your crystals?” I asked.


“Yes. Some years ago I felt myself going through a spiritual awakening and since then I become very sensitive to energy. That’s when I started carrying crystals around with me.” He said, full of spirit.


I was so attracted to Pierluigi´s crystals I couldn’t contain myself. “What crystals do you carry  and what do they do for you?” I quickly probed him.


“I always wear granite on my wrist that my teacher gave to me. It brings joy and a rooting energy. I have an amazing master quartz crystal that I use for meditation. I have a very special relationship to it. At first it was too strong for me to handle but eventually I connected to it and now I feel inseparable to it. We become entangled by the heart. I also wear a Tibetan turquoise crystal around my neck which is powerful in healing the throat chakra. It’s a very special one because my friends mother gave it to me sometime after he died. When I met her I had doubts about what to say and felt nervous. She just hugged me and gave me this crystal. All these crystals found their way to me. But I’ve also lost crystals. Sometimes I think it happens because the crystal needs to leave and find a new home.” He told me.


I noticed that Pierluigi had a beautifully deep relationship to his crystals and it prompted me to look at this as a lesson and to apply them to my own relationships in life. “Hey Pierluigi, I’ve seen you take good care of your crystals. How do you clean them?” I asked.


“Oh that’s a full time job.” He joked. “There are different ways to clean a crystal. You can charge them under the mood, in the soul of the earth or place them in water. I use all methods depending on where I am and what I feel the crystal needs. I always clean them after a session so that they’re clean for the next person.” He added.


“I mean, I can see that you have a natural affinity to crystals and to healing, but how did you take the leap into that world in the first place?” I asked.


“Actually I knew about reiki through my sister who practices it. Then when I moved to Barcelona from London a few years ago I felt a huge urge to start a new chapter in my life so I went about acquiring some new tools to bring healing and self knowledge into my life. I was in Italy when I did my level one reiki course. The second level came by itself. In fact it came the same time as the crystal healing course I was initiated in. I did them both in India alongside a yoga teacher training course.” He quietly explained.


“It must be very beautiful to help heal a soul.” I said, prompting his thoughts.


“Yes it’s a very rich thing to do because it makes you feel love. It’s a very loving thing to give someone a healing treatment. I don’t feel that I’m here to fix people but to act as a conduit between a soul and the divine healing energy that’s available to everyone. I realise that by seeing another persons joy, I feel joy. And by seeing a persons success, I feel success. It’s incredible to be part of the healing process.” Pierluigi said with words that healed.


Pierluigi was one great healer, I thought. His channel was pure, humble and loving and his intentions were positive.


“What is your greatest desire Pierluigi?” I asked.


“My great desire is peace, harmony and abundance. For all.” He told me.


It was these words that came to me in these days. Peace, harmony and abundance.


We wish you all well.


Anneka and Teresa

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