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    Our natural shampoo bar for normal hair is formulated with mild cleansing agents and vegetable acids. It washes the hair thoroughly, gently treats the scalp and does not alter the pH of the skin. Deeply hydrates and prevents dandruff. 

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    Our hand and nails hydroalcoholic sanitizing spray is an ideal cleanser to bring everywhere. Formulated to be a potent disinfectant combinate with aloe vera and glycerine to hydrate and give softness to the hands. Apply the spray directly to the hands, no need to rinse with water. Travel size.

  • 8,55 €

    Alexandria Gold Champú capilar. De baja irritabilidad por su contenido libre en sulfatos, sal, colorantes artificiales, siliconas y parabenos. Cuida el cabello sensible y delicado. Nuestro champú capilar protege la queratina natural del cabello gracias a sus aceites naturales solubilizados. Su alto contenido en alga roja y lignina le aportan al cabello un...

  • 4,70 €

    Our Hair Gel is perfume free. It gives a strong fixation and allows easy hair styling.

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    Our Domestic daily Shampoo is indicated for the whole family. It contains Malva, white nettle extract, silk proteins and wheat germ. No eye irritation. Malva extract provides smoothness to your hair, White Nettle protects the hair, while wheat proteins provides nutrition and volume to the hair. The result: healthy and soft hair.

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    Our Hair softener balsam contains natural extracts of Honey, Malva and Ratania.

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    Our Vitamin Biotin shampoo is rich in Panthenol, Biotin and Keratin.