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Come on – join us for a tea

Come on – join us for a tea

What is it with a cup of tea I ask? Why does it hit my sides, flush out my gunk and raise me back up into the light I ask?

This spring I converted myself back to this delightful substance wondering why it feels so good. It left me wondering whether anyone else agreed with me about its benefits.

So I followed my usual method and set off to ask members of our lovely community what they thought about it. Seemingly, this delightful ingredient was a winning number.

Here’s what they all had to say…….

“The first thing we do in my house is put the kettle on to welcome our visitors. It’s a way of sharing what we’ve got with our friends and neighbours. It connects people.”

“I love tea. My friend hosts an incredible Vietnamese tea ceremony with some amazing Oolong and Green tea. It’s super stimulating and yet calming at the same time. I like the pep it gives without the jitters of coffee.”

“I don’t know. I just love it. Some things are unexplainable.”

“I adore tea. I simply adore it. Tea is definitely there on my top ten things ever. If I don’t have tea I get withdrawal symptoms. And it has to be done with a biscuit. The first thing my family do when they get home is have a cup of tea. It’s what I’ve been brought up to do. I drink traditional English breakfast tea mostly but aside from that I love Green tea and Mint tea in the summer. Tea rules.”

“I drink Green tea with honey when I do voiceovers to keep my vocal cords in tact. It’s very effective to drink something warm and soothing for the throat when you work with it.”

“I drink lots of Chai when it’s cold. Not so much when I’m in the tropics. But Chai is my fav. It’s like comfort food to me.”

“Tea and cake is an amazing treat. I don’t even drink tea out of thirst. I drink it because it’s awesome.”

“Tea is such a wonderful thing these days. We have access to all sorts of teas from all around the world – there’s a tea for every occasion.”

“If I’m being honest, I’d say that I drink it for my diet. I like Green tea for its detox benefits. And I occasionally drink Digestive tea to keep my metabolism going.”

” of course I love it. It makes me feel warm and relaxed at the end of a hard day.”

“I don’t know why but tea has become really glamorous these days. I’d rather have a Saturday evening at a tea shop with a friend than get drunk on alcohol.”

So, all in all, a good thing we decided to bring a collection of teas back to you, our customers. We’ve re-branded, re-packaged and re-collaborated our teas for the sake of love and light.

If you’re thirsty and into it, you may find them on the shelves of our pharmacy.

Until then, cheers!

Love and best wishes, Farmacia Barcelona