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They say that dreaming is for free

They say that dreaming is for free
The story started when I suddenly found myself wide awake one morning. The feeling that ran through me was sheer panic – I was late for a breakfast meeting with my brother.

So, I immediately tumbled out of bed in a guilty sweat and hoped that today I was going to be punctual. I continued by slinging my head forwards and backwards to ruffle my hair into a neat bun. Then I skittishly applied some moisturiser and lipstick.

When I saw my reflection through the window pane, I felt disappointed by the strands of hair that I’d missed. “Urgh, never mind that now“, I uttered to myself with judgement.

I was in a hurry and still needed to re-arrange the sunflowers in the vase on top of my dressing table, pull the curtains back into place, make my bed and slip into my navy blue dress.

After speeding around the small bedroom, completing my morning mission, I remembered to breath while I closed the heavy brown door behind me and went upstairs to the kitchen.

Much to my demise, there was a note left on the breakfast table.

Sorry, I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to dash. See you next week. Bro.

Full of remorse, as though a heavy cloud had made its way over to the kitchen, I made a strong black tea and opened my emails.

Then, I woke up.

Or at least I felt like I was waking up. As I inched open my eyes and stretched out my muscles, one by one, I let out a refreshing yawn. Then I heard my skin, rejuvenated and clean, thanking me for the good night’s sleep. After that, I leisurely slipped out of bed and deliberately flowed across to my open balcony.

The promenade below greeted me with zest as the locals and foreigners alike filled the air, while I quietly sat in my green deck chair. The vision moved at the pace of a musical, until something caught my eye.

A man and a woman came running towards me in the distance. As they began to near my apartment, I took a double take.

They were the same age as me and my brother. The girl was in a navy blue dress with her tied in a bun on top of her head and equally, the man looked just like my brother.

The scene unfolded at a similar pace to the way it had in my dream, with the pair frantically running into the bakery, ordering tea and pastries, downing it all in one, then running off in separate directions.

I couldn’t quite understand why I felt so bemused by the picture below me. Perhaps I had met these familiar strangers in a dream the night before. Or perhaps all of it was a dream, merely being lived in different dimensions.

As I pondered the incident for a while, the message that clouded over me was of peace, tranquility and truth.

What was with the running about? And what was it to live and fulfil a dream if we were to live through it at a pace faster than we could contain?

With that, I followed my own truth. I reached for a plate of dates and a mug of coffee and took myself back to the deck chair to fully absorb the scene in front of me.

And then I really began to dream ☮️?

We wish you nothing but love and dignified dreaming dear souls.

With love,

Anneka and Teresa