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When death becomes golden

When death becomes golden
When I was four years old I often felt as though my deceased loved ones were following me around. Then one night I remember going to bed at my grandparents house to find that my dead great grandmother had come to say goodnight to me. During her visit I began to cry and went to knock on my grandmothers door. “Please don’t visit me when your dead, Nan.” I sobbed. I suppose my grandmother assumed I was afraid of the dark and ushered me to sleep under my blue and white hippo duvet.

The rest I could say was history. That was until a couple of years ago when I faintly heard the voices of my deceased uncle and second grandmother. That night I shot up, opened my ears for more downloads and looked around. “Don’t forget us Annie,” my uncle had said. I was too angry to remember what my grandmother told me. Instead I raged against that dark night and told them to never visit me again.

Then as their loyal visits came and went, along with a crew of ever expanding names, I began to settle down with them. It was in that moment of relax that I realised something important. I realised that there was no separation. I mean, if my existence on the earth was through my mind and my connection to my deceased family members too were through my mind, then there really wasn’t anything that separated anything. It was all happening in that place we call the mind.

That’s when I questioned it all – life and death. And what was it that the great teacher Osho said….. “If you choose life you have chosen death. If you avoid death you will avoid life – so there is no point in choosing, and there is no point in avoiding.” It was these realisations that brought comfort to my own mind when I remembered the loss of a loved one. Wherever I was and whatever I was doing, they were with me, dropping by to wave hello. And whenever I was up and whenever I was down they would ride with me. Always there. Inside me.

Now I cherish their spirits as they bypass my mind. Only fleeting is their wave, only fleeting is the thought and only fleeting is this life. For that, today I will get up and take my loved ones with me to the park. The sun is shining bright, the people playing light and the songbird chirping through the ether, as if like magic.

We wish you love and upliftment in your life, in your loss and in your heart.

Anneka and Teresa