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A breakfast with charm


For a strong smile and healthy skin all day long

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How do you feel about starting your morning with a strong smile and healthy skin that will see you through the day? 

Let us share our secret with you. 

Before we get going, we serve our skin with a glass of water and a moisturising serum to match it. Our serum with hyaluronic acid deeply penetrates and repairs the skin and effectively restructures it by improving its dermal water flow. What this means is that your skin creates a continuous layer on the surface that prevents water loss and keeps it hydrated and elastic. Now that is something to smile about.

Along with that part of our morning routine, we allow our breakfast to serve us. Some good food, a decent beverage and a Resveraskin capsule does a very good job at washing away toxins and inviting in hydrated and nourished skin. The capsule offers a mix of antioxidant, vitamin E and resveratol which is great at protecting the skin against oxidative damage, leaving it looking and feeling younger.

Who said breakfast wasn't glorious!

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