Top yoga events to book in Barcelona this summer

Although an ancient practice originating in India, Yoga in the West is rapidly on the rise. With apparent health benefits including improved cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance, strength, reduced stress, anxiety and pain and overall quality of life, not to mention the sense of community, purpose and self-discipline one gains from the practice, there’s no real surprise us Westerners are increasingly adopting this Eastern tradition to help us live better.
And despite yoga being an activity that can be transported almost anywhere at anytime – the beach, your home, the park or even sitting at your desk or on a train – many of us feel that yoga is better performed with a community and under the direction of a teacher.
This however, can be problematic when travelling. Finding the right style of yoga, the right studio space, the right teacher, the right location, the right energy and with classes that allows drop-ins, can be a tough job to find.
As an alternative to a disappointing yoga class, joining a popular one off yoga event when travelling can be a perfect solution. Here in Barcelona the yoga community is vibrant with heaps of regular events throughout the year. We’ve rounded up some of the biggest and best yoga events this summer in Barcelona. Save the date now!


Parc De L’estacio Del Nord
19 June
10.00- 20.30
One of the main yoga events of the year, Barcelona Yoga Day, situated in a delightful park in central Barcelona, will not disappoint. With lectures by grandmasters, workshops in various styles (Kundalini, Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa), plenty of delicious vegan food and yoga related products for those eco conscious yogis, and music to share the yoga of sound and devotion. At this event you will surely find something to suit your own approach. You can find more on the site here.


full moon yoga

Yoga Weeks Rooftop (Carrer Carme, 40 Pral-2, 08001)
20 June
21.30 – 23.00
A unique and regular monthly celebration of the full moon energy, Yoga Weeks holds it’s next event on 20 June. Not only will you benefit from a 1.30h practice in the open air during the peace of night, but the events are tailored specifically with the moon energy of that month and accompanied by curated live music. You will, we are sure, leave feeling synchronised and in balance with the lunar system.



Masía Mas Gras, 08262 Callús, Barcelona
June 30 – July 3
Evident in their moto “A common dream come true” this event, organized with passion and sincerity, pays it’s tribute to Mother Earth. Through chanting, healing, yoga, concerts, story telling, fire ceremony, sun gazing, Ayurveda, Osho meditation and more, this exceptional event brings together those interested in the experience of their own awakening…… to value existence, life and our Mother Earth.
Although a little outside of Barcelona, see this event with dual purpose and take it as an opportunity to visit the stunning Catalan region. To preview the schedule and review the commitment paid by this special event over the last four years, check out the website for more.


Carrer Ramon Miquel i Planas 40-38| 08034 Barcelona
21-25 July
An absolutely all encompassing five-day yoga event, The BYC is a Yogic Celebration open to literally anyone with an interest in yoga, from beginners to the more knowing. Located in he beautiful area of Sarria in Barcelona, the uplifting, open hearted gathering with world leading Yoga teachers and musical artists creates a great event to discover and taste your yoga and spiritual style.
The schedule is vast (find more here). What you can expect is a blend of music, yoga, dance, stands, food and ample opportunity for networking and beginning or growing on your yogic path.
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