Want to vibrate with Barcelona? Try this healthy bike tour! 

They come from the disproportionate realms of grown ups, of clouds, of darkness, of excessive work, of unreasonable pressures. They come in search of the light. To remove their armor and feel life’s vibrations pound through them. Many come to Barcelona for this. And there is, undoubtedly, nowhere else in the world that is as distinguished as Barcelona for fulfilling this duty. She draws you in with her enchanting soul, she wraps her doting arms around you while your realities dissolve into the blue skies, she peels away your burdens and replaces them with a sense of awakening. She leaves you feeling bewitched. She is a realm that is akin to paradise.
Should you wish to experience this other realm, we recommend that you experience it by foot or by bike and under the guidance of a knowledgable expert. We recently found just the right expert if you want to see and feel the excitement, depth, vibrancy and colors of this realm. Kris from Bounce Around Barcelona will take you under his wing, and with his infectious spirit and energy, along with his knowledge and love of the city, will leave a mark on anyone that takes a tour with him.
You can expect fun and games, stories, sights, secret spots, food and wine gems (especially those that include the traditional Catalan vermouth) and above all the flexibility to absorb the delights of this realm in your preferred manner.
Once you board the elegant and classical Bounce Around Barcelona bike, you will, along with Kris, plan your own tour. From the length, the spots you wish to explore, the cuisine you prefer to eat and the energy you desire to feel. And if you prefer to feel the city by foot, Kris will organize this for you. He is the consummate host, with his careful preparation and his impeccable delivery. He is the host that cares. He ´is’ Bounce Around Barcelona and the attention and the energy he gives his guests is evident of that.
But of course he is not waiting at the airport for your arrival, so should this vibrant experience appeal to you, why not check it out on Instagram and Facebook.
Enjoy to the max 😉
Your La Pedrera Team

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  1. PTcontender says:

    Barcelona is definitely on my list!

    1. Hello. It’s a wonderful place. You won’t regret a visit 🙂

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