Cherish your winter skin

It’s true what they say……a healthy outside starts from the inside. Perhaps the reason we live with some built in degree of vanity. If our external world reflects our internal world, then how we feel, is a reminder that is staring us in the face, so to speak. 
Sure enough, for most, our levels of vanity with regards to our skin soars during the winter months. As we say goodbye to the summer, we also say goodbye to our beautiful complexions. The colder climates make our blood vessels become constricted, being active becomes less appealing, the low humidity dries out our skin, cold winds shed moisture from our skin, the harsh conditions leave our skin feeling cracked and tight, and certain skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis begin to flare up. 
Thinking about our skin can become consuming. So, prepare your skin now to weather the winter ahead of us and save that cerebral energy for positively enjoying the season. Here you will find, those exploits we recommend for better winter complexion. 
Use oil based moisturisers
Colder climates and conditions can strip the moisture from your skin leaving it dry, itchy and sallow looking. Try some natural oils to restore your complexion. Coconut oil is always a winner, as are several natural essential oils like jojoba, rosehip and ylang ylang. At the pharmacy we also have a selection of hydrating oils. One of our best sellers is our Flash Tonic made from natural plant extracts like ginseng and calendula, which leaves your skin smooth and hydrated. 
Consider Botox effect creams
With dry, cracked skin comes, naturally, lines and wrinkles. It may be tempting to consider Botox, but before you jump into something invasive, try out some botox-effect moisturiser which often has a reputation that exceeds the real deal. As part of our cosmetics range at the pharmacy, we have a rejuvenating product called FiFlow which, once applied to the skin, genuinely seems like Botox in a bottle. It contains oxygen and botox-like properties and leaves the skin looking transformed. You can also find this product online.
Wash in lukewarm water
If you’ve invested in good creams and oils for hydration, don’t go and undo all that good work by washing in cold water that will strip your skin of its oils. Be kind to your skin and wash instead, with a flannel and some lukewarm water.
Here in Barcelona we need sunscreen year round to protect us from the summer and the winter sun. But those in less sunny climates should still use sunscreen to protect them from harsh conditions. And there’s the additional bonus of some added moisture. 
It’s so common for our skin to be more dry and coarse during the colder weather. Frequently exfoliating will keep your skin glowing. One of our favourite products in the pharmacy is our apricot body scrub – it’s silky smooth and smells divine. You can find it online too.
Eat your greens and omega 3’s
We should always eat our greens and omega 3’s, but this could not be truer than during the winter. Our bodies need extra help to build immunity and defend our cells as well as to build collagen. And secondary to this, our greens are full of water which in turn will help us to keep our organs and skin totally hydrated. 
Go easy on the caffeine
Perhaps a little unrealistic to expect to cut this out totally, but reducing the amount of alcohol and caffeine you intake will do you and your skin some huge favours. Both are known to dehydrate the skin. Strive instead to switch to something healthier like water or herbal teas. 
Dress to protect
As we know, in life, the more we expose ourselves the more we become vulnerable. The same is true for our skin. Protect your skin, like you would yourself, with some cosy hats, scarves and gloves. 
Have a wonderful winter season.
Your La Pedrera team

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