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Tell me about yourself 
I’m British Italian and currently living in Barcelona where I have a studio and work as an abstract artist. I’ve spent the last couple of years traveling and living all over the world working with the arts, teaching and charity work. 

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What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you?
I think a healthy lifestyle is tied with happiness and feeling peaceful and good in yourself by doing the things you love. For me that would include painting, running in the sun, dance meditation, laughter, reading on the beach, writing and having a glass of wine with my friends in one of Barcelona’s beautiful squares. I love the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle and think that as long as you have a balanced way of life you are on the right track.
How does Barcelona help you to stay healthy?
Barcelona has an amazing climate which puts me in a good mood every morning. The sun is always shining which helps to motivate and get me outside. I love walking along the beach or in Parc Guinardo and up to the war bunkers where you have a beautiful view of the whole city. It’s a good place to go to think as well as to remind myself of how lucky I am to be living in such a special city. The food is amazing especially the fish and the fruit and vegetables and it’s not expensive to buy. 
© Copyright: Clara Fantoni 2016. All Rights Reserved.
If you had one day in Barcelona what would you do?
I would start with an early morning hike to the war bunkers to get a beautiful view of the city. It’s much less touristy than Parc Guell and in my opinion much more stunning. Then I would venture down into the area of Gracia to look around the cute shops and have lunch in one of the sunny squares like Placa del Sol or Vila de Gracia. Parc Ciutadella is also a lovely place to spend a sunny afternoon reading and people watching. There’s always someone playing music as well which is fun to watch. Or I’d get lost in the Raval neighborhood with its gothic streets and visit the MACBA contemporary art museum which always has evocative exhibitions. I would end the day either with a sunset walk on the beach and then dinner in Barceloneta or listen to some live jazz at Guzzo in El Born. Robadors 23 bar has a great authentic flamenco music concert on Monday evenings which I can often be found at.
copyright Clara Fantoni 2016
What are the top three healthy things you would recommend doing in your neighbourhood?
Swing dancing seems to be very popular In Barcelona and they frequently have swing jams in the squares around the city that you can join and use as a fun and energetic way to get some endorphins and meet new people. There’s one in my neighborhood – Gracia. But there’s also several trance dance events in Poble Sec which are alcohol and substance free and a good place to go and let go of your inhibitions.
 In Gracia there are lots of cute cafés and yogi shops especially on Carrer Asturias. I’d also check out the Jiwar centre for art as well as untitled BCN gallery which is a cool and intimate place for the soul. In Parc Truro there’s a lovely pop up cafe amidst the trees that is a relaxing place to sit and ponder – it also has good hummus and wine.
Cara B, Heliogabal and Soda are good places to go for local live music, in my view art and music are just as important for health as physical activities.
It was such a pleasure to interview Clara. Her energy, just like her art work, was just radiant. If you find Clara’s energy as infectious as we do, then visit her at www.clarafantoni.com or www.saatchiart.com/clarafantoni

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