Beat herpes and embrace the natural rhythm of the winter season

The European cold snap proceeds to linger among us. Despite the challenges that winter brings, it’s a natural and vital rhythm of the world we live in. We rotate against the light and into darkness, encouraging us to retreat and revive our energy for the active seasons ahead of us. Traditionally, humans will have embraced this moment of the lifecycle. But modern times are seemingly brutal, and rather than retreating at home, we are obliged to continue living our lives full of vitality and energy. Hence our bodies can sometimes suffer in this period. Essentially, one of the predominant effects of the winter season on our bodies is that many of us can develop herpes, or what we also call cold sores. But let us not allow this season to succeed in bringing our moods and bodies down. Let us nurture our health and enjoy the gifts this season has to offer. 
In this regard, we are delighted to share with you two very sound products that we believe will help in maintaining the strength of your immune system and fight against the symptoms of both herpes and thrush.
HerpoPro is the only natural product ingested and processed for herpes. The product contains some important amino acids and a patented peptide derived from casein. All of which are absorbed very quickly. The result is that it helps improve your immune system quickly and efficiently. And what’s more, it has no side effects.
This product keeps the mucous membranes under normal conditions to prevent the occurrence of thrush. It also contains important amino acids that act as building blocks of proteins and play a key role in the body’s immune system. The amino acids of AftaPro are in a highly advanced formula and is also boosted in vitamin B3 and vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-infective agent, while vitamin B3 helps maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes, among other things. The essential amino acids generate anti-inflammatory which cause the immune system to eliminate cells infected by viruses. The result is that the lesions virtually disappear within 3 days of treatment.
Should you wish to talk to us about these products or any others, please drop by. We are always willing and happy to talk to you about the products that best suit your needs.
Have a wonderful day.
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