From Barcelona to Peru: What you need from the pharmacy

We wouldn’t be presumptuous and assume that travelling to Peru would include a visit to the Inca trail. But chances are, that warm embrace from Peruvian Mother Nature will draw in your soul like a loving magnet. She has once again seduced us with her charms and packed us off, with her love and blessings, on an adventure to the Sacred Valley.
A rather different land to that of Europe, we have shared with you below, our pharmacy packing list for an adventure that will include beach, city and nature. And most importantly, trekking around Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley.
The Dalai Lama says: ‘Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality’. So……here’s our pharmacy list for the sake of immortality and a safe trip to Peru.

  • First of all, don’t get on that plane unless you have adequate travel insurance
  • Insect repellent. Stay positive, you’re not likely to contract a virus in Peru, but avoiding insect bites (from the mosquito especially) will, in the end, result in a trip free of distress. Although Cuzco and Machu Picchu are considered low risk areas for viruses such as Dengue and ZIKV, you can check for health updates in Peru on the Fit For Travel website
  • Paracetamol. Headache can be, sadly, a common early symptom of altitude sickness
  • Wet wipes and tissues. We know all too well that after, and in some cases, during a long day of trekking or spending a blistering day at the beach, a wet wipe handy will be a welcomed relief
  • Hand sanitiser. Better to be safe than sorry – a must have for cleaning your hands before meals
  • Good range of plasters. Of course a pair of good quality trekking boots are essential for any trek and comfortable shoes for city tours, but good quality plasters in case of blisters or any other injuries is a wise packing choice
  • Altitude sickness tablets. As a precaution, you can carry altitude sickness tablets with you to overcome the symptoms of high altitude. But take a tip from us keen trekkers – a dose of garlic soup will do you well too
  • Rehydration powder. Living and trekking in high altitude will require any human to have their energy and hydration levels intact. It’s of paramount importance to remain hydrated. You can read more about hydration and trekking on one of our previous blogs
  • Antihistamine. With a trip to a foreign country, you never know what reactions you may have when exposed to new insects or food.


  • Good quality soap or a bottle of Castille soap. Life is lovely when lived simply.  Check out our previous blog on the multiple uses of shampoo or alternatively natural and biodegradable castille soap to keep you mind, your bag and your life light
  • Moisturiser. Where moisturiser is concerned we follow the philosophy – each to their own. But a good hydrating product with SPF will be welcomed in the heat and high altitude
  • Strong suntan lotion. Without being aware, the sun is actually, very incredibly strong in the Peruvian mountains.  Please keep your skin and lips protected and moisturised
  • Face towel.  Keep this within reach for a quick clean or dry down
  • Of course your standard bag of everyday cosmetics (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant etc).

Other travel accessories

  • A tremendous sunhat
  • Torch. For those dark nights in the nature, a torch will be a life saver. A head torch will be a God send
  • Poncho.  A compact rain poncho is a necessity during the wet season (December-March) but may we also suggest a cosy poncho for the chilly evenings in the mountains. We don’t have any in the pharmacy but you can find a wonderful range of them all around Peru
  • Luci light. An incredible solar energised, light weight invention to keep in your pocket, hang on your tent or keep by the side of your bed
  • Plastic bags (zip lock bags). A good move to conveniently separate your dry and wet goods and clothes
  • Safety bag. Do keep your mind and possessions protected with a safety bag.

Above all, remember that there are pharmacies in Peru where you can find almost anything you need. Should you require specific prescribed medication then remember to pack as needed.
For now we wish you a delightful trip, be it Peru, South America or anywhere else.
Your La Pedrera team

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