Embrace the healing energy of the full moon

Wicca’s and wolves are not alone in their devotion to the lunar cycle. Humans too, whether consciously or not, appear to be affected by the rhythms of the moon. Historically bound by negative qualities, with the labelling of ‘lunatics’ and ‘moon struck’ and what not. These days, the human race displays far more conscious connections to the cosmos.
The age-old term ‘lunatic’ was attached to those with seemingly erratic behaviour during the period of the full moon. This dates as far back as the fourth century, and supported by British jurisdiction with the Lunacy Acts (1890-1922). However, hindsight yet again teaches us of this improper premise given more recent counteractive claims. The notable publication, the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, asserts that the full moon does not bring about madness, but social tension and disharmony due to the moons gravitational forces. The full moon influences the human nervous system and can make people more irritable or sluggish and amplify existing emotions and behaviours. This is why these excessive cosmic influences can account for some of the fluctuations in rates of crime and psychiatric admissions during the full moon.
Despite the varying views on the impacts of the moon, we largely agree, across generations and locations, the astonishing power it has on human behaviour. We can generally agree that the full moon in particular, provides a tremendous amount of energy. And so, wouldn’t it be wise if we were to embrace this energy as an opportunity for emotional, physical and spiritual growth and wellbeing? To hopefully inspire, here is how we connect with the full moon for the benefits of our minds, bodies and souls.
It’s very pleasant and indeed very powerful to celebrate the full moon with a ceremony, small or large, alone or in company, in a place where you can view and feel close to the healing energy. Our favourite spots in Barcelona for enjoying a view of the full moon are at the beach (any beach in Barcelona will gift you with this), at the Montjuic and at Parc Guinardo, where the moonlight over the city is spectacular.
Starting your ceremony with a meditation is a great way to calm your mind and body, ready to receive the positive effects of the moon and to avoid any negative thoughts or behaviours that could amplify. For more guidance on how to meditate effectively, you can check one of our previous blogs on meditation here.
Reflections, letting go and positive intentions
Since mind, body and spirit are amplified, the moon invites us to clearly look within and reflect on our lives. We can take this opportunity to let go of the things that no longer serve us – negative emotions and habits, unhealthy relationships or deciding to forgive others etc. The process of letting go allows us to create space in our lives for renewal and setting positive intentions for the next month to come. Such spiritual work will bring forth the music that makes our hearts sing. We can deeply feel those things we are grateful for and we will have clear direction in how to focus our energy through self-affirmations, preyers and blessings for ourselves and for others. Creating lists for tearing up or burning is symbolically profound to aid this transformation. This level of depth and self-empowerment is the direction we should be heading for conquering the treacherous mind.
Across the ages there has been wisdom in the knowledge that as eating is essential for living, fasting is also essential for purifying the body. This natural cleansing procedure can benefit cell repair, digestive health, metabolism, brain function, heart health and weight loss. By taking advantage of the power of the full moon, we allow our bodies optimal rest and repair by fasting. For more information on moon fasting diets, you can check this page. However, please be advised that during this process, suppressed emotions can surface. Using meditation and positive intentions in these cases will help you through your fast. And please, as always, consult your doctor before beginning any diet. Especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Re-charging your crystals
Just like a guitar, and just like your car, your crystals too need re-tuning or re-energising to ensure their energy and vibration is maintained after potentially absorbing negative energies. Placing your crystals outside during this time allows them to absorb the lovely lunar energy. In our previous blog on crystals you can find out more on how to use and benefit from the healing properties of these natural gifts from mother nature.
The full moon in Barcelona this month is on July 9th. However you can benefit from it’s effects up to two days before and two days after. For full moon dates and times in your area we suggest you take a look at the Moon Giant schedule.
For now, we wish you well and enjoy the delights of the full moon today.
Your La pedrera team

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