Our feet need our love so take good care of them

The feet are the ones to think about when we need to take good care of ourselves. They are the ones that take you to the real place of love. They are the ones that are your soul. They are the ones that know where you want to go. They are the ones that understand your real need for love. They are happiest when they are moving around the world with the ones you love as far as I’m concerned. They even know you more than you know yourself at times. They know where the heart wants to take you. They know when you are really in love and they know when you are really sad and they know when you are really in trouble and all they want to do in the end is show you their love. They are the ones that might be able to take you to your happiness. That is why the feet are so important.
So how can we help our feet? I believe they should be treated with love and respect. I believe we should listen to them more often. I believe we should have faith in them because they know us so well and they know where we want to go. They are the ones that will ultimately take us to our destiny. Here’s how I really believe, from the depth of my heart, how I would treat my feet if I were really in love with them.
Support them
We all need support in life. Even the ones that are very good at supporting. But the supporters also need to be supported at times just as our feet do. They support us all the time in fact. They are the ones that hold it together for us when we want to stand up. Here in the pharmacy we like to support the brand Scholl because we firmly believe in the philosophy of the founder of the shoes Dr William Mathias Scholl who tells us that his interest is to ‘improve the health, comfort, and well-being of people by caring for their feet’. Our customers also tell us how much they love the products that support them even when they want to look good. So we have stocked many styles for our customers here in our lovely pharmacy on Passeig De Gracia. So if you want to try them for yourself please come along. We will be glad to help you find the pair of shoes that you will love most.
Rest them
Life, like our minds can sometimes be so overbearing that we need to rest. We need to rest because our hearts tell us to rest. And our heart tells us about our feet and our feet tell us when to sit down. We don’t like our feet to be so unhappy that they feel old and tired so please do them a favour and give them a rest.
Soak them
There are many things we love to do in life but one of the things we especially love is to soak our feet in warm water with salt from the sea and some essential oils. We have a great selection of oils (which by the way we love because they are natural and great for your health too). The link to some of them is here. We would love to recommend a particular oil but in fact it’s better to try the oil you connect with most. Your heart will tell you, it always does.
Exfoliate them
Isn’t it dreadful when our feet are dry and sore from the hard work we make them do all the time. Of course a daily routine of exfoliation would be wonderful wouldn’t it? But we live such hectic lives that we simply can’t exfoliate everyday. We can just do it when we can. And when we can we ought to do it with love. At our pharmacy we stock many things you might love but one of the things we love very much is our exfoliating scrub. We all have our favourite ones but we will let you decide which you like best. So please drop by and check them out if you have some time.
Moisturize them
Perhaps this is the thing we are actually able to do well because we are in the habit of moisturizing all the time. We like to moisturize because this gives us better skin. It’s our skin that helps us to live and breath and sing and dance and do the things we love. We can start to treat our skin better by moisturising it and there’s one in particular that we get very good feedback from. It’s called Cream for dry feet and yes, that too is on our website and in our store.
Massage them
There’s one more thing to think about. We all love a good massage don’t we? So why don’t we spend some time everyday giving our feet a good massage. That way we can all walk the earth as happier people.
So please, let’s give our feet the journey they deserve to the destiny they desire 🙂
We wish you well on your journey to your destination. Keep your feet well.
Have a wonderful day
Your La Pedrera team

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