All that glitters is not gold

Seeing the glory of the Christmas tree occupy the once empty corner of my living room, I look at her through the eyes of a child that once was. The child that falls in love with the flickering lights that reflect and canvass the surrounding walls. The child that is comforted by the delicate touch of the golden tinsel, and the child that sees her reflection glitter as she stares adoringly into the red baubles. The same child gazes up in amazement at the star that shines down at her little feet. The warm fuzz that circles her being feels like the loving light of a fairy godmother.
Then as Christmas comes to an end and she bids farewell to the barren tree that serves no further purpose, the same little girl stares into the new hollow space that fills the corner of the room. Colour and glamour banished from her sight, the warm fuzz dissolves into stillness, darkness and a state of sorrow for what was. And each year the cycle of light and darkness continues as she presents the tree with new trinkets and treasures and lights of every kind.
Cyclical as the cosmic energies and tidal waves, the now adult child stands in front of the same Christmas tree with her glowing skin and glittering high heals. Having seen her own inner cycles of darkness and of light, she can approach the tree this year without so much as a glimmer of hope. She doesn’t need hope when she knows her truth. With truth she knows when it’s time to pack away the Christmas tree and she knows when it’s time to say goodbye to the luscious lights because she will always be awake with love in her eyes and kindness in her heart for even the darkest corners of the darkest rooms.
The expression ‘All that glitters is not gold’ is not only true but it’s a sad fact we are dealing with in the world today. And as the Christmas season passes us by once again, we urge you not to seek out the shadows that once was, but we urge you to see the truth in your heart. There, between the rubble of light and dark, is a stand alone flame. Sometimes it simply flickers and sometimes it’s flaming hot, but we believe that we can all see what’s important to not only the human race but to the human mind and the human body. In the end, it is our soul that can see beyond the glittering lights and high heels and find gold that glitters not but vibrates with pure love.  And when that human mind and body are treated with the love and respect it deserves, the inner flame is fed an energy that is capable of spreading like wildfire.
That inner flame sometimes likes to be fed chocolate or cream catalana and that inner flame sometimes likes to look decent with its cool trainers and that inner flame sometimes likes to be fed the television news and that flame sometimes feels great when its inner radiance matches what is seen on the outside. And with the cosmetics of Teresa Castells, the lovely lady that opened the doors of the pharmacy, you will see your skin improve overnight with her gold face mask, gold facial cream and gold serum. We call it the gold kit for a very good reason. It can make you feel like you are worth your weight in gold. And with self belief and self confidence, you are capable of achieving a gold star in every field of life.
We are not pessimists at the pharmacy, we simply care and that’s why we create the very best products for our clients who continue to give us the very best feedback. And so we will continue doing what we do best. And here is the low-down on these three great golden gifts.
Let’s start by sharing the gold face mask. Even at home you will feel a million dollars spreading soft golden cream all over your face. Its consistency is one of a honeydew sorbet. And it takes just 15 minutes and a few deep breaths for your face to feel hydrated and detoxed.
Once you’ve wiped your face clean, you will feel the benefit of using the most aesthetically beautiful product we stock on our shelves. And judging by appearances as well as it’s ability to both renew and soften the skin, our gold face cream is well worth its weight in gold. With its botanical fragrance and gel-like properties, you will enjoy spreading yet more gold onto your skin. The gold particles in this product are specially made across a two-day period with hi-tech methods that leave the skin looking smoother and free of wrinkles with its antioxidant properties.
And if you are the type of person that loves to sparkle from the outside like us at the pharmacy, then our gold serum is perfect for you. You can use it before your usual make-up routine for the classic shimmer effect. Except we make sure that all our products are based on natural ingredients and we refuse to use nasties like parabens.
If you would like to know more about our products please feel free to visit us in store or touch base with us online.
In all sincerity, we hope that every human that reads this blog can find the fuel that feeds their inner flame as the Christmas season gracefully leaves us behind.
Loving wishes
Your La Pedrera team

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