We wish you freedom and courage for 2018

Just like a new leaf in the book of life, 2017 has been read. And for me, Anneka, the author of this blog, it really was the most mesmerizing page in my own book of life. Far from being boring, my book had nothing to do with successes and riches of the material kind. It was a book of love, freedom and courage. And although I’d faced real injury, loss, trauma and the extreme polarities between light and darkness, I realized and accepted them all with grace. And that grace was present in the flickering flame I held in my heart at the end of the year. It flickered because, despite the difficulties, I felt at home in my own soul.

Each of us has a dream and each of us has a reality. Standing between the freedom to live out those dreams and the here and now is courage. The courage to see beyond the blackened veil of the ego mind and to realize that whatever life is there, you have the freedom to smile at the world and rest in peace because you are always safe. Safe in knowing that your inner flame will still flicker for that dream to come true someday.

At the pharmacy, our dream is to continue to serve you with grace, with products we are proud of, and with the winning smiles of the staff on the ground. And it is a dream of mine to continue telling you about my love for all things health and wellness in Barcelona. And so, on behalf of our collective dreams, I developed the courage on New Year’s Day to take a dip in the ocean outside Club Natacio Atletic.

In my one-piece, I braved my way through the heroic crowds and stood before the sea. Although the supportive onlookers were encouraging, I felt as I never felt before. Today it did not matter what they said, what they thought or what wise words they could give me about facing my demons. I was like a child at sea and there was a big adventure ahead of me. Liberated by the freedom to realize my dreams and the fears that were blocking them, I charged ahead and found myself empowered with the support of the cold winter water that presented me with the power of the mind, the air that gave me all the oxygen I needed to support those thoughts, the solid earth below me to keep me from falling and the forceful fire inside my heart that dazzled even the onlookers.

Teresa Castells and Anneka Lott would like to not only thank you for your loyalty and support this year. We would like to encourage you to also realize your dreams. And we wish you courage, and indeed faith, to see that this year, no matter the greatness of those dreams, you can go forth and be free to achieve them.

We wish you a blessed and happy 2018 with courage, faith and freedom.

Love from Teresa and Anneka

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