A healing kind of poison

Have you ever felt like things have a very mysterious air about them? You drop by a coffee shop and meet a man that sweeps you off your feet when you need it the most? You receive an unexpected cheque in the post when you are desperate to fund your life long dream? You receive a pay out in a job that you were intending on leaving? You bump into a jolly gentleman who is having the worst day of his life and proceeds to tell you his story with a humour that raised you out of your darkness? Your friend gifted you with an angel figurine just when you were forgetting what a friend really was? And you understood the real meaning of life finally when you saw your family sitting around a dinner table peacefully eating the real treasures of nature?

Truth be told, I was healthy when I began to watch how my own mind respond to the scenarios that played out in my life. More often than not, pure love would prevail. But sometimes, in the depths of my psyche, a nagging whisper would collide with an emotion that blocked the pure joy that life was indeed intended for. Sometimes I would suffer from guilt for having more than another. Other times I would feel ashamed for not being able to give back in return. And there were times that I would fear how another human would judge how I accepted this life.

As I began to uncover some remarkable truths about my own emotional blocks, I set out on the road to recovery while I learned to dissolve these three poisonous ailments. I’ve learned most of all to love myself and how to rest in my own skin. Now, in my own heart of hearts, I can say that there is no guilt, no shame and no fear of judgement.

And with that, I shamelessy accepted a different type of poison from Teresa, the lady that gives us the guilty pleasures we call our cosmetic products.  She gave me a moisturising cream to try. And the truth is, it saved my life not only my skin. I saw that I didn’t judge myself for having fair winter tones, I wasn’t ashamed of giving myself the best moisturiser money could buy, and I certainly wasn’t feeling guilty for having the pleasure of receiving such a divine gift. It was a venomous gift in fact. A venomous gift from nature herself.

Teresa calls it Crema de abejas. She used her heart and her mind to come up with a moisturising cream that could replicate the active ingredients of bee venom. But we must urge you that not even a single cell in their mortal souls were harmed in the process, and for this we thank Teresa for her genius investment in the best technology science has to offer.

When I tried this cream I was in the midst of the harsh winter rays and days of Barcelona’s beach side. My skin was somewhat impaired with its usual dry cracks, and feeling ashamed I smothered my face with Crema de abejas. Without a shadow of a doubt, I can tell you that I’ve never been so amazed by a cosmetic cream in my entire life. The love of this cream was instantaneous. My face transformed in line with my humour that afternoon as I watched my skin let go of all its judgements. Amazed, I was radiant first from within.

Its thick texture was not oily but sensationally absorbent. Its scent not floral but fragrant in its most satisfying sense. Its smoothing touch repairing the lines of my weathered look. And all its power lies in its ability to stimulate the natural collagen and elastin we hold in our skin cells.

Feeling not only brand new but totally inspired, I rushed out to buy a new potted plant to take care of my outlook on life. The life is one to be lived and lead. And that’s why I am now in love with a cream that takes good care of me.

Thank you to the bees and their venom.  Thank you to Teresa Castells. Thank you to science. Thank you to cosmetics. Thank you to inner radiance. Thank you to Mother Nature and thank you to Farmacia Barcelona for my new skin cells.

Please remember to drop us a note or pop in to the beautiful store on Passeig de Gràcia should you feel compelled to seek more information about this bee venom cream.

Bee happy
Love from Anneka

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