Holly dolly toys with a selection of our essential oils

We call her Holly dolly. She sees us as we fall down like the rain and rise back up again. She looks at us puzzled as we try to earn and gain. And she can’t stand it when she feels like she’s in a chain. But with Holly dolly there is no blame or shame. Instead she lives within her own sovereign reign. It is a free rein that took her to the plane to visit me in Spain. I love it when she sees herself in the picture frame. Holly my adoring niece who’s frame sits on my mantelpiece.

When the world can seem bleak, all we need is a week and I see that she really is mystique.

She makes me feel as high as the treetops that overlook all the sparkling rooftops, and no amount of clocks, can tear me from her playing with her music box.

She pulls out all the stops, when she enters the toy shops. But what kind of Aunty would not take her in her tiny pair of crocs, to see Barcelona’s mountaintops.

She came back again, this time without the rain. Because she saw her mother through the pain, as she tried to heal her skin again.

Poor Holly dolly suffered with a common skin complaint. And what an extraordinary experience it was that night. She lived not with a fright but a love that was right. She actually make it to twilight because she was looking like a dazzling star under a floodlight.

Everyone loves to spoil, baby Holly with her essential oil.

She uses a rosehip oil mix when she needs a very quick fix.

Her eczema feels just fine when she let’s the calendula oil shine.

And when she is in great need, the grapeseed oil fights off any misdeed.
And that’s when we see, that those are our favourite three, where there is a case of baby and me.

And at the end of the story, we have learned never to be groany because even a baby like Holly can always be jolly.

As usual, we and she marvels, at the love of Teresa Castells, and the products she brings to store or directly to your door.
If you are to have a skin complaint, please don’t wait. We can find the best oil for you, so you don’t struggle through.

We wish you a goodnight, and some blessed insight, for the story of your life.

Love from Anneka and Holly Dolly

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