Diet Tea – what it’s about

One morning last week, I woke up, made a coffee and took it to my terrace. As I inhaled its nutty aroma, a bead of sweat fell from my forehead. It was almost summer I noted. The moment alerted me to pack away the coffee beans and open myself up to drinking fresh cups of tea instead.

So later that afternoon, I went to Teresa’s pharmacy and asked her if she could recommend something from her collection. Indeed, she had a decent variety of teas to choose from but the Diet Tea quickly grabbed my attention and the ingredients tasted of health. So I took a pot of tea bags home, placed them on my kitchen counter and found myself already excited to try one the next morning.

The following morning I woke up, remembered the new tea and flipped open my eyes in excitement. So I went to the kitchen, took the cool packaging and found 12 nylon triangular tea bags neatly placed inside.

Within each one was a bunch of natural herbs. They  included horehound (used as a vasodilator, diuretic and to treat intestinal parasites), senna leaves (used as an anti-inflammatory, to relieve constipation and promote weight loss), mallow (used to treat wounds and inflammations) fucus (to help lose weight and reduce cravings) and peppermint (to relive digestive symptoms such as gas, bloating and indigestion). All of which, were sworn to burn fat, stimulate bile flow, reduce fluid retention and act as a purifier.

Not to mention, they had the added benefits of being vegan, organic, sugar free and caffeine free.

What was I waiting for, I thought. I boiled my kettle, made a mug of tea and went to the usual spot on the terrace.

After my first sip, the adjectives that came to mind were clean and light. At the end of the mug the adjectives that followed were nice, calm, kind, fresh, herby, tasty, delightful and curious.

Some minutes later I have to confess, my intestines too felt somewhat curious while their movement felt faster than usual.

It had me questioning the power that the tea was having on me. So I made a pact to drink a mug every morning and see what happened. I also agreed to stay clear of other dietary practices and excessive exercise. I wanted to understand my relationship to the tea.

Then there I was, at the end of the week, hosting a little tea party with my friends. I couldn’t wait to share the benefits I found in feeling relaxed, cleansed, uplifted and lighter. I also noticed that the tea had stimulated my intestines and its general flow seemed somewhat easier. My skin too had altered in that it become clearer and more porcelain looking. And of course, I felt all round better in myself.

I suspected that the Diet Tea had helped me to clean elements from within me that were invisible to the eye and for that I was grateful.

What I have to say overall is that the Diet Tea was a pleasant surprise for my digestive system, metabolism and my heart. And I’m confident that if I were to combine my daily cups with regular exercise and conscious healthy eating, then the benefits would surpass me.

So here’s to the new season, the tea we have in abundance, and the benefits of Diet Tea – cheers!

Lots of love

Anneka and Teresa

P.S. Should you like to drop by the pharmacy, there are plenty of teas in stock.

P.P.S if there are any pregnant ladies thinking of trying the tea, please first consult your G.P for any doubts in consuming the herbal ingredients.

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