A poem from the park

This week I would love to share with you a secret park.

In fact the secret is not the park itself, since it occupies a large area of the city centre. But what is secret is that it is not alone.

It has the flavour of a magic park, even when it appears so simple.

While I was there this week, I wrote a poem that describes its nature.

With pleasure, here it is:

A simple park

People laughing
Beeping cars,
Moon outstanding
Near mars.

Pokey grass
And wooden legs,
Children playing
With their pegs.

Tiled mosaic
And dragon flies,
Cafe culture
In butterflies.

Sunset simple
At the park,
It’s for that reason
Dogs they bark.

Rugged station
On its own,
Humble wind
On people blown.

All are welcome
From everywhere,
Playing well
And that is fair.

If you’d like to see the park yourself, it’s called Park de l’Estacio del Nord, located scarcely towards the south of the city.


With love and best wishes.

Anneka and Teresa

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