Breath and longevity

Last week I met with a friend at the beach who was grieving the loss of her grandad. Her name was Silvia and she was a very dear lady.

Before we sat down on the white cushioned bench that gray day, I gave her a very dear hug. Her response to the hug was charming. She laughed and told me that she felt great.

“Don’t worry” she said. “My grandad was 106 and in the end we had to convince him to leave.” She added gracefully.

I was quite taken aback by her demeanour and her lack of regret at the passing.

“Oh” I said, unsure of whether I should cordially celebrate or not. “Why do you feel so well about it?”

She went on to tell me that her grandad was a very asserted man that had devised his own methodology for a life of longevity.

“Wait” I said with some zeal. “What do you mean methodology?”

“Well, my grandad had convinced himself, and everyone else for that matter, that his own breathing method was fundamentally, one of the best techniques for staying happy, healthy and well. I think he become his own self fulfilling prophecy and by the time he was well into his 100’s we began to think of him as being attached and invincible to life.” Silvia told me.

I mean, I’d heard of various breathing techniques that were connected to lowering stress and increasing vital energy, but I was yet to hear of this seemingly potent method so I kindly asked if she would share it.

Silvia held herself together while she diligently told me the story.

“Since my grandad was young, he was certain that breathing deeply and inhaling clean oxygen was the most important thing a human should do for his health. So everyday he would go out walking over the mountains and when he came back he would sit down in front of an electric fan for half an hour while inhaling large amounts of air. He would repeat the same thing a second time before going to sleep. His idea was that the air from the mountain and the fan would provide him with high doses of oxygen that would feed his mind and body.”

“So do you think it’s what kept him alive so long?” I asked with a matter of fact.

“Oh yes definitely.” She earnestly replied. “He even tried to get his method patented in the latter years. He was convinced that the combination, the order of activities and the timing for each one was the perfect equilibrium. It was a sort of meditation for him too. While he was focusing on the inhalations and the impact it was having on vitalising him, his mind was at peace and in a more positive place.” Silvia claimed.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the visions that came to me of Silvia’s asserted grandad. But on a more serious note, I could see the sense in what he was doing and what he consequently achieved. Both on a physical level of feeding his body and a spiritual level of living through the intention of being well.

“So did you inherit and indulge in this breathing method before or after he passed?” I asked Silvia with a nudge of humour.

“Not quite. I don’t have the time, even if I should honour my time.” Silvia said. “But I do see huge value in consciously working with the breath to help meditate, visualize and live in conscious awareness.” She added.

In fact, Silvia was a very light and vibrant lady who worked with plants as medicine. Part of me was sure there were some residual energies of her grandad working through her.

Before we closed the conversation and walked along the seafront, we inhaled the salt air and together honoured the moment for breath, vital energy, positive vibes and a sense of companionship throughout it all.

So please, enjoy your breath and give thanks to the air. It will serve your path and serve your soul to the end.

Here’s to health and longevity.

With love
Anneka and Teresa

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