Current vibes reading from intuitive medium Nita

Did anyone feel that life provided us with an exceptionally temperamental pace this year, with plenty of storms and uncertain endings?

This week, our guest intuitive medium Nita has kindly brought us some astrological wisdom to renew our minds and hearts and lead us forward with faith.

Here’s what she has to say about our current situation.


We are in a new age renaissance. The outer planet’s (Pluto, Saturn and Uranus) forces are aiding the breakdown of epochs in which man has covered his tracks with waging wars on misunderstandings and unacceptance of anything foreign to him/her. The unconscious drives of self destruction and demise is being revealed as we hurl through the cosmos and travel through portals of various consciousnesses.

Life is nothing but cycles. Earth cycles that take us through seasons and youth to old age. Each stage is about maturing and letting go of the previous life cycle. Each stage psychologically messing with the mind and churning emotions. From toddler to teens, loosing our sweetness to raging hormones. Moving into adulthood, to creating a survival work life balance. To settling into life and letting go of all the hurts and unaccomplished dreams. And finally accepting life as is; beautiful and in harmony. The latter is our real struggle. Ambition is healthy until it becomes a competitive slave.

Current vibes is about taking responsibility for your actions and making friends with all parts of self, especially the unconscious drives; the hidden aspects that kept you safe and comfortable. Often, believing it’s other people’s fault your life has been filled with hurt. Your life is at the exact junction and precisely at the evolutionary level you can handle. If you can accept this fate, you are on your way to miraculous self acceptance and healing.

Make friends with all that you don’t like about yourself and nurture yourself, including the ego. This separation creates illusions about self and stops you from accepting your own destiny. There are a myriad of healing processes available.


As well as her readings, Nita holds loving space for deep healing and transformation. She primarily channels people, places and situations to bring forth the most objective and accurate information. She has evolved and expanded her intuitive muscles from past lives and two decades of working professionally with her innate gifts.

If you’d like to talk to her some more, she’s at

For now, peace and love
Anneka Lott and Teresa Castells

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