Please sleep well this winter

Last week I dropped by Teresa’s pharmacy and while I was there I checked out her wall of new products.

Just as I reached for some facial cream, I jumped at the sound of a gentleman behind me. “I’d try the sleeping pills if I were you.” He said with a strong Nordic accent. “They will sort out your skin.” He added as he swiftly leant in front of me to pick up a pot of 60 melatonin sleeping pills.

“Wait.” I said as I sensed him rushing off to the counter. “What’s so good about these pills?” I asked.

“They work…..simple as that.” He said, sharper than sharp.

I giggled at the fortitude of his words and ask him how long he’d been taking them.

“A couple of years. But I wish I’d known about them sooner.” He said. “There’s no side effects and no drowsiness. In fact nothings happens. You just fall asleep after about 30 minutes and wake up feeling amazing. It’s remarkable.” He said again, now looking at his new set of pills

I quite enjoyed listening to this man’s confidence so I kept him around a little longer.

“So what, these pills have a 100% hit rate of helping you to fall asleep and waking up feeling fresh?” I endeavoured.

“Yes, I’d say so. I remember it took me a bit longer to fall asleep one night. But I was probably under tremendous stress that day. I’m a head teacher and that can get tough at times.” He said.

“How do they taste?” I continued

“Fine.” He said. “I take them with a cup of tea before going to bed.” He added, clearly enjoying the quizzical nature of our discussion.

“You seem very decided on these pills.” I caught myself enjoying it too.

“So what does the future look like for you and these pills?” I half joked.

The man came back seemingly half serious, “I’ll be buying them for all my friends this Christmas.”

I laughed and he shook my hand. “Get some.” He ordered as he turned to pay for his pills before leaving the store.

I noted that melatonin was a hormone found naturally in the body to regulate sleep-wake cycles and when people were low on melatonin, they sometimes have trouble sleeping. That’s where these supplements help improve people’s lives.

After that dialogue last week I decided to take some home and try them myself.

And the result? Outrageously fantastic!

If you’d like to find out more or pick up a pot yourself, you can find them at our store on Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona.

With love
Anneka and Teresa

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