Wisdom, peace, love and mercy

“Wisdom, peace, love and mercy.” He said as he curled into his gold paisley armchair.

He was an old man now. I knew him when he was young. He was always very forgiving then.

“What do you mean?” I asked my uncle as I humbly rested into the navy sofa next to him.

“Pass me a mince pie lovely.” He ushered half bluntly, pointing towards the display cabinet.

I served him with a china plate and a green silk napkin. Before he acknowledged my question, he took the mince pie and ate it.

“It’s my last christmas. I’m ready to leave.” He said.

There was a cutting pause in the room as the christmas hymns were exploding from his television set in the background.

“My time’s up lovely.” He now muttered through a tear while the last remaining mince pie crumbs fell from his chin.

“Are you dying?” I asked him.

“Yes lovely girl.” He said.

I felt his spirit wither as I recalled the best of times we’d shared together.

“Now now.” I tried to console him. “Shall I take you to the carol service tonight?” I asked.

“Yes. That would be lovely.” He perked up with a sharp grin.

I helped my uncle from the chair and wiped the crumbs from his lap.

An hour later he made his way into the hallway wearing a brown overcoat and matching trilby hat.

“Wisdom, peace, love and mercy. Don’t forget it lovely girl.” My uncle said again as he sprung through the door.

“Wisdom, peace, love and mercy. I’ll take it to the grave.” I said as I looked back fondly at his home.

Merry Christmas all.

Anneka and Teresa

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