Gone in a flash – our skin firming serum

Have you ever reflected on your morning routine? I mean, really watched every step you make, every breath you take and every thought that submerges?

I tried it for size this week and found it a fascinating exercise. An eye opener in fact. The way I did it was by consciously watching every detail of my human soul during my morning routine. Here’s more or less a summary of what it looked it…….

Eyes awake
Mind alert
Birds tweet
“Ahhhh what a beautiful breeze. I guess I’ll have breakfast outside today.”

Jump out of bed
Slip to the kitchen
Make and drink a lime water
“Ahhhhhh, so refreshing. Thank you God.”

Glide into the bathroom
Wash face
Brush teeth
“Hmmmmm, am I aging or is that all an illusion? I could do with sorting out my dimple lines and this lot of wrinkles on my forehead.”

Hydrate my skin
Massage in the residual layer of moisturiser
“Wow, how can cream feel so good?”

Check out my skin
Search for my serum
Jump in
“Ahhhh, thank you Teresa for this Serum Flash.”

Smoother my face
Hide my lines
Go and wait 30 minutes before I check its effect
“Ooooooh, my skin is mattifying in front of my eyes. That’s interesting. Maybe part of that illusion I had?”

Enter bedroom
Stop and focus
“Hmmmm, linen skirt and pink vest should do for today.”

Back to the bathroom
Stare in the mirror
Touch my skin
“Wow, silky. Not bad.”

Pack handbag
Check I have purse, keys, pen and phone
Lock the windows and doors
“I have it all.”

Stroll along the tree lined streets
Smile at the sun
Arrive at Passeig De Gracia
“Thank God for Barcelona.”

Wink at La Pedrera
Enter the pharmacy
Thank Teresa for the serum
“Ahhhh, to be in life.”

That was it. It was quite simple actually, my morning musings. Thoughts would come and go in the same fashion as they did every day and my steps too followed that way.

I mean, there was nothing wrong with them nor did I perceive them as outlandish. But what if I changed my steps and changed my thoughts, I wondered. What if I added a little bit more of a rock star spirit to my daily musings and my steps to work? What happened if I sent more love towards my face?

I made a pact to try it another day. But for now, I’ll do my usual and thank Teresa for her amazing Serum Flash. It contains Maine collagen that comes from seaweed and uses natural oats. It’s soft and gentle, paraben free and it really does help to smooth out wrinkles and give the skin the appearance of a youthful glow and a softer texture.

If you’d like to try this stunning visual effect,  you can find the serum below at the online shop or in our store at Passeig De Gracia.

Lots of love

Anneka and Teresa


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