A review of the menstrual cup

In the history of our inhabitation here on earth we seem to have reached a moment (following much destruction) of desired repair. These days, we seem that much more environmentally aware of our modern day habits and their impact on planet earth, than we did in recent history. There is a famous quote by author Leo Tolstoy that goes…. ‘everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself‘. Although there is surely a lot of truth in that, we can, in fact, start with small steps to add to our collective responsibility of changing ourselves and taking care of our Mother earth. 
There are many steps one can take to live responsibly. One such step is the way in which we females manage our monthly cycles. These days there are ever evolving options for how we manage our menstrual cycle. As we evolve into our state of repair, the menstrual cup is becoming a preferred choice by women across the globe. Some of our customers here at the pharmacy tried the menstural cup and generously offered their feedback. There is, quite rightly, some questions around this product and how to use it correctly, effortlessly and free of embarrassment. So we summarized below the tried and tested opinions of some women from backgrounds of art, sports and teaching. 
The greatest concern for the women was around cleaning, hygiene and Infection. Your cup should be cleaned well each time before insertion. This also includes your hands to avoid passing germs into your system. Cleaning is easy. You simply need a sink and hot water. And you can wear the cup for up to 12 hours so being out and about without changing the cup frequently is not a problem. However, if you are in a situation where you may not have private access to a bathroom in between changes it may be better to use an alternative product for this moment. The cup also comes with a neat little bag so be sure to store it during and between your periods to keep the cup clean.
As well as the various brands on offer, there are also different shapes and sizes available. For those who have fibroids or a dropped uterus, you may have trouble fitting the cup properly. The best option is to speak to a pharmacist to establish the size that works for you. However, all the women that tested the cup claim that the original size they bought fit perfectly. There was only the initial alien feeling to overcome the first time they used it, while subsequent uses were easy and comfortable. Be aware that for your first purchase there may be some trial and error needed. 

Environmentally friendly

All women that used the cup claimed they felt the cup was more environmentally friendly with less trips to the pharmacy, some bathroom storage space gained, less waste at home and ultimately feeling better for not having filled the landfills with yet more waste. With the knowledge that they were free of the chemicals previously exposed to with pads and tampons, the women also felt this new method was not only environmentally friendly but also physically friendly. This does however warrant a note of caution. The cup is made of silicone. Although no safety issues have been reported, be careful when exposing the cup to very high temperatures. 
Ease of use
An obvious initial concern for the women was around inserting and removing the cup. Of course, like anything new, it presents us with a learning curve. But rest assured, insertion and removal are easier than you may anticipate and the cup cannot get lost or stuck inside the vagina. The women went all day at work, swimming, cycling, running, sleeping and never felt any discomfort inserting, wearing or removing the product. The most important thing is to relax and your body will follow. 
Quite a selling point for all women. The menstrual cup starts from 20 euros and it’s advisable to replace it just once per year. With such a remarkable saving, the women were all too pleased with this point.
The overall summary was profound with declarations that they can’t believe they survived without this product for so long.  Certainly disclaimers strong enough to want to try it for yourself.  While you may still be mulling the idea over, do let us know if you have any questions or concerns about using the mensutrual cup. 
Have a lovely day!
Your La Pedrera team

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