Be lighter with BB cream

Stuff. Is. Stressful…..say many people these days. In the wake of a period of abundance, and a greed we have ironically agreed to, we finally seem to be consciously shifting from a materialistic society of overindulgence to that of a society that is more experientially focused. Living more experientially typically coincides with living more simply. Our lifestyles, our spending habits, our cosmetic cases, our beauty regimes and our image, are, more frequently, transforming. 
But big journeys begin with small steps. Perhaps it’s an unrealistic expectation to transform overnight. Rather we can take small steps in simplifying our life and our minds. One obvious step to us, and indeed to many of our customers, is to let go of our excessive beauty care and invest instead in a good BB cream.
The BB cream has been a trend in the beauty industry for some years now, after it was developed by a German dermatologist. During this time of year, while we live light in the light of summer, the BB cream is especially in high demand. 
For the non-users, we would like to acquaint you with the reasons why we recommend you adopt this miraculous and versatile cream into your life……
 BB cream includes a sunscreen which you can rely on as your daily SPF coverage. However, most products usually include an SPF of 10-15 so when exposed to strong sunlight it’s essential to be mindful and apply an additional level of SPF.
BB cream can replace your foundation. It will brighten and colour correct your skin awarding you with a beautiful glow. Should you want slightly more coverage, you can mix your BB cream with your regular foundation – it works a treat!
BB cream is a great concealer and will help diminish those unwanted blemishes and leave you with younger and smoother looking skin.
BB cream can also be used as a primer. The result of which is angelic and flawless skin – perfect for these summer nights. 
BB cream acts as a great moisturiser. A very important product for keeping your skin hydrated during this season.
BB cream can help to give you more youthful skin – many BB creams actually contain anti-aging properties.
BB cream is a valuable friend in your finance department. Us females are faced with what has been coined the ‘pink tax’ (the phenomenon that females pay more for their cosmetics than men). Purchasing less products means we can by-pass an element of this unfair reality.
BB cream is also the ally of a busy woman. Simplifying your beauty regime can save you time. Perfect for a simpler life and a simpler look.
BB cream is a self adjusting colour that works for all skin tones. It’s terrifically simple, terrifically natural and terrifically beneficial.
A favorable product at our pharmacy which can also be purchased online here. As usual, we remind you to please let us know should you have any questions regarding our services or products.
We wish you a wonderful and light summer!
Your La Pedrera team

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  1. Jez Wright says:

    Hi your skin looks great ! can you tell me what foundation you use? Thanks

    1. Hi Jez. Thank you for your comment. I’m wearing the BB cream of Farmacia Barcelona (which we sell in the pharmacy and you can get online) with a small blob of Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation mixed in with it. Mixing the BB cream with a small amount of foundation gives just the right amount of coverage for a natural look I think. Wishing you a great day 🙂

  2. Jez Wright says:

    Thank you for your advice I will get some of the BB cream and foundation
    you have gorgeous skin 🙂

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