Local lifestyles: Gilles

Tell me about yourself       
I was born in Geneva in Switzerland but now I work as a versatile musician, primarily a pianist, and I’m based in Barcelona. 

What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you? 
For me it means getting enough sleep (which is important for a musician working late nights), having little stress, feeling loved, enjoying life most of the time and eating fresh food.

How does Barcelona help you to stay healthy? 

Well it doesn’t always help me because of my busy schedule as a musician. It’s important for me to do things that help me to unwind and Barcelona has a lot of that, chiefly the beach. I feel very relaxed when I’m on the beach. 

If you had one day in Barcelona, what would you do?

I would take a morning run around Park Guell, then walk down to the district of Gracia for lunch as there’s lots of good places to eat that serve great quality and fresh food. Then I would spend my afternoon in Premia de Mar for some more relaxation. 

What are the top three healthy things you would recommend doing in your neighborhood? 

Like many musicians and artistic types, I love in the bohemian district of Gracia. I would recommend visiting Park Guell, eating a salad at a great place called Bodega La Riera and have a run around the surrounding green area of Park Guell because the views are absolutely amazing. 
It was a true pleasure spending some time interviewing Gilles. He is a remarkable pianist and often performs at various venues around Barcelona. Should you wish to check out his music you can find him here

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