Happy Easter

Just as I picked up a book from the bookshelf last week and noted the array of Lili’s on the front cover, it dawned on me that Easter was approaching. I guess I naturally connected the image to that of Jesus Christ.

And that too seemingly came from the long withheld view that the Lili grew from the sweat and tears of Christ during the crucifixion. It’s for that, that it symbolises an array of images that connects ones heart to purity, and that which falls from it.

Then, as if by chance or miraculous synchronicity, I later stopped by the bakery next door to the library to pick up some coffee. What I saw there, on the counter, was a flyer for a flower festival in Poble Espanyol at Easter weekend.

“Ahhhhh magic” I thought, as my spirit felt lifted. The beautiful De Flor en Flor festival was making its way back to Barcelona, I remembered as I felt charmed by the previous years event.

What I remembered of this festival was that its delightful ambience was a welcome to those who were drawn to the colours and sights, the love of gardens and florals and the respect of nature and environment alike.



So fitfully, what I felt inclined to do was sit below a purple blossom tree and read all about the Lili in my new book. It seemed that this powerful flower held a tremendous reputation with a lot of decent associations applied to it. What I was to do about that was up to me really. So I decided in its stead to apply my own feelings and meanings to it.

I caught myself being reminded of a time when I sent a bunch of white Lili’s to a lady close to me, and she never forgot them, all these ten years or so later. It signified to me the power of giving, of friendship, of love, of gratitude and yes of course, purity.

And purity, I’ve understood, is the closest feeling to heaven I’ve ever had.

For that, I thank the Lili and I thank the recipient of the gift for allowing me to express myself with love.

Happy Easter everyone.

Love and gratitude,

Anneka and Teresa

P.S. Should you feel inclined to visit the  De Flor en Flor festival, it’s held on 19-22 April here.

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