Be a beacon

Did you ever wonder why life can sometimes be ever so brutal, ever so unkind, ever so unloving and uncool? Some say it comes from an ego playing a game of blame and hate. Others say it comes from not allowing our souls the privilege of being loved.

I suspected that our beloved Albert Einstein was right in what he told us: love is the answer. What with the painful energetic frequencies that can hit our minds everyday, from various sources, it’s not a wonder that our beautiful beings are looking for ways to rise up and out of it all.

So, in the unfortunate eventuality of not having love hit your mind, I came up with an acrostic poem to help in the endeavour of living in higher spirits.

According to my acrostic, that would require one to take hold of your light, spread your love and ‘BE A BEACON’.


All the best beautiful souls.

Anneka and Teresa

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