Local lifestyles: Leonardo Mendes

Tell me about yourself
I’m a Brazilian musician, singer and songwriter living in Barcelona.
What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you? 
To me, a healthy lifestyle is when you live according to your principles and dreams. And you have, or are looking for tools to build these dreams into reality. A healthy lifestyle is when you can eat well, give and receive love and peace in your environment, share with people and work on something that makes you feel good.
How does Barcelona help you to stay healthy? 
Barcelona is a city that received me very well. It’s cosmopolitan and has a very pleasant climate. The quality of life is amazing, it’s easy to find good friends here and it gives me the opportunity to live doing what I love, which is music. Barcelona is surrounded by both the mountains and the sea which make outdoor activities possible on a regular basis.
If you had one day in Barcelona, what would you do? 
If I had one day in Barcelona I would go for a good bike ride through the city. It’s well prepared for cyclists with a great connection of cycle lanes. I would visit Bogatell beach, watch the sunset at the war Bunkers and spend the evening in the district of Gracia.
What are the three healthy things you would recommend doing in your neighbourhood? 
I live in the bohemnian and artistic district of Gracia and the top three things I would do are:

  1. Eat at the restaurant Ethiopian Abissinia. The food is scrumptious, fresh and natural.
  2. Sit on a bench in Virreina square to take some fresh air and a smoothie, chat with friends, listen to good buskers or read a good book.
  3. There is lots of live music in Gracia every day of the week so for sure I would head to a good concert.

Leo…..his smile, his energy, his grace and his music are all infectious. If you want to follow Leo and his music you can find him here on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Twitter.
Have a great day.
Your La Pedrera team

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