Channel the Christmas spirit

The age old tradition of Christmas is ever changing, ever evolving and ever present in our lives. But what exactly is the Christmas spirit? Yet to receive a satisfying answer, I set out to ponder the question myself. And so, sat with the delicate Christmas tunes that season my home, my mind sits ajar as I allow its own box of Christmas memories unfold.         
The surface recalls the luring lights of London’s Regent Street and the theatric tree of the Rockefeller Centre New York. These prominent images encourage other momentous memories as my life emerges. From childhood fantasies of Santa Claus and his numerous gifts, to the joys and laughter of romantic alpine ski trips and an abundance of food induced merriment. The thoughts are shed as quickly as they stream through my mind until I reach the image that pauses the movie scene. Stamped in my mind, his features handsome and his eyes radiating love, I see the man I love. I love him like no other man. I love him as the man who set me free. The man I admire for helping me to accept me as I am. He loved me when my mind was in the gutter and he loved me when I was riding hide on life. He is the man that showed me, most of all, what love is. 
In the here and now I talk not of Jesus Christ, but a human being. The one that helped me remove my mask and bare myself nude as I took slow and courageous steps through the layers of my protective ego mind. While the passage reflected its most vulnerable elements, I finally peeled away her layers of judgement and fear until the truth was exposed. Resting there was acceptance, compassion, love, joy and pure bliss at the thought of his happiness.  
This depth of true love that radiates from within, is quintessentially, what I believe is the Christmas spirit. In the real here and now, we are all lovers for the world when we open our hearts, bare no judgements, and channel the Christmas spirit.
And while my love for this man is manifest in a simple Christmas message, I see the Christmas spirit manifest far and wide. I see the love of a friend manifest in a toast of better things to come, the love of a mother manifest in her Christmas dinner, the love of a school teacher manifest in his school play recital, the love of a meditation centre manifest in an end of year vegan meal, the love of a town manifest in a Christmas market, the love of a neighbour manifest in a gesture of sharing, the love of a charity manifest in it’s charitable giving and the love of an angel manifest in its inspiration to light up even the dimmest of Christmas trees. 
Whoever we are and wherever we are, we are all capable channels of the real meaning of Christmas. And here at the pharmacy we would like to channel our love and gratitude to you all for your support this year. We hope you will feel the Christmas spirit as you read this blog or enter through our pharmacy doors. We will be there with our smiles, our helpful guidance and of course our beautiful gift wrapping service for your very own loving gestures.
In all sincerity, we hope you enjoy the spirit of Christmas in all it’s wonderment. 
Your la Pedrera team

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