Reflections from the winter solstice

On the 22nd December I took a visit to the local hairdressers to celebrate the winter solstice.

“How much hair do you think I’ve acquired since the summer solstice?” I asked the hairdresser.

“Probably around four inches.” She said, smiling at me.

“Ok. Then please cut it off.” I replied.

As she went about cutting the dead ends I caught a glimpse of the memories that passed through my mind and my long wavy hair since the last solstice.

They were quite cunning, I thought. Although there were gifts aplenty, somewhere between the cracks were darker forces surfacing. They looked to me like pride and greed and carelessness. What a horror show I remembered as I saw the dead ends of my hair capped around my shoulders.

Then I locked my mind to the mirror and saw my hair shorter and cleaner with the closing of the final shortest day of the winter.

What that haircut did for me was make me feel wonderful.

It was in that spirit that I vowed to do the same to my life. To cut the dead ends of my soul and prepare myself for a better turn as we invited in the lighter days and brighter rays.

And indeed, during these moments of deep reflection, we wish you too growth and betterment and a happier spring in your step.

With love

Anneka and Teresa

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