The healing power of our animals

It was about 4 o’clock in the afternoon when I took a seat in the garden of my friends house. I noticed the herbs and how radiant they were. Then just as I picked up a book to read, a ginger cat jumped up on the chair next to me. My immediate reaction was to knock him down. But he was persistent and soon enough began to pur.

I can’t explain exactly what happened as I continued to recline in my chair, but I felt a sudden chill as the energy of the pur cut right through me.

For a while I froze, curious, until some time later I woke out of it sensing that I’d received an energetic healing session.

Then later that afternoon another curious thing happened at my friends house. I took her dog Buttercup for a walk into the vineyards. She was old, with a wobbly leg. I didn’t mean to take her out. She just got up and followed me and I didn’t have the heart to stop her. When we reached the end of the route, something peculiar happened. She took her nose and nudged me. I couldn’t help but melt as I laughed with her. Then just as she nudged me again, I heard the downloads in my mind…..”thanks for your patience, I love walking with you.” It came.

It transpired that I was having telepathic communication with the animals that day. My friend, a vet, told me that they were very accustomed to talking to humans and vice versa and thought we were all incarnate together to help one another.

“Do you ever wonder if the animals are here to guide or heal us?” I asked, curious about what she knew.

“Actually I think they have various functions. For sure the animals are in our lives for a reason. Some are here just to be our fury friends, I think some of them can learn from us and others animals are gifted with special healing powers.” She told me.

“Do you think Marvin the cat and Buttercup the dog are in your life for a reason?” I asked.

“For sure. Marvin is a healer. I’ve seen him work with many people who drop by our lives, even people who have a cat phobia tend to warm to him. It’s also commonly known that the presence of cats can reduce stress and heart disease. I also think that Buttercup is very good at teaching us how to give unconditional love. I also have a horse and he’s incredibly wise and strong. I think he’s been sent to guard me. Whenever I’m in need of some strength I always spend time with him.” She added.

After that day and then that conversation I went home and reflected on what happened.  In fact my heart exploded and my body jolted with joy. I was in awe by the potential healing power of the animals and how the spirit works even through the smallest of creatures.

Now, as I close this blog feeling more enlightened and more reassured by the wider healing forces of our lives, I thank all the loving animals for their care and friendship and I wouldn’t put it past me to urge us all along to give them a grateful nudge from time to time.

With love
Anneka and Teresa

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