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The perfect balance between practicality and effectiveness is found in this very complete formula, so that whatever your plan is, your skin will be protected.

Its SPF 50+ makes it a high-spectrum sunscreen, a product that guarantees protection against longer-term solar exposure. On the other hand, among its components we find powerful components, such as Hyaluronic Acid and DNA repair, with high moisturizing and repairing effects, as it helps to keep the DNA of our skin intact. An infallible combination of components that ensure a complete treatment against UVA and UVB sun rays.

Additionally, the Moisturiser Pollution Protect contains a revolutionary vegetable filter called Pronalen Bio-Protect, a perfect defense against toxic pollutants that we find in the air, highly aggressive and oxidative for our cells, such as heavy metals or vehicle gases.

An ideal product for our day to day, ready to apply as many times as we want on our face, neck and neckline. A Triple Shield Action that gives us the security of being able to entrust the protection of our skin to Moisturiser Pollution Protect.

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