Anti-cellulite Tea Cream 200 ml
Anti-cellulite Tea Cream 200 ml
Anti-cellulite Tea Cream 200 ml
Anti-cellulite Tea Cream 200 ml
Anti-cellulite Tea Cream 200 ml
Anti-cellulite Tea Cream 200 ml

Anti-cellulite Tea Cream 200 ml

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The anti-cellulite tea cream reduces the abdomen, legs, buttocks and arms by activating the metabolism thanks to the effect of green tea and caffeine. Theine and caffeine help drain and eliminate small accumulations of fat and localized cellulite , as well as prevent the appearance of new accumulations, giving a finer and smoother appearance to our skin, in addition to leaving it very soft and hydrated. It is a natural way to lose volume, shape the contour and improve the skin appearance of the treated areas.

This anti-cellulite reducing cream acts by increasing the metabolic activity of adipose cells, reducing the amount of water retained in the interstitial space and increasing capillary resistance.

It is a non-greasy reducing anti-cellulite cream that leaves a pleasant sensation on the skin. Its complete composition favors drainage effects and fat-eliminating action. The results of this reducing cream are visible after 20 days of treatment.

Our anti-cellulite reducing tea cream is for daily use, and can be used both in the morning and at night, preferably after a shower.


Properties of anti-cellulite cream

- Increases the metabolic activity of adipose cells.
- Eliminates localized fatty deposits and prevents their new formation.
- Reduces the contour and volume of the treated area.
- Improves skin appearance.

How and when is anti-cellulite cream applied?

1. Clean your hands and the areas to be treated. Once a week we recommend doing it with the apricot exfoliating gel to eliminate accumulated dead skin and thus facilitate the cream to penetrate better.
2. Apply a desired amount to your hand or directly to the desired area.
3. Massage gently in an upward circular motion until the
anti-cellulite reducing cream is completely absorbed .
4. We can complement the use of this
reducing cream with caffeine and tea with the Anti-Cellulite Cold Gel and the Anti-Cellulite Heat Cream .

PAO: Once opened, this
anti-cellulite cream lasts 12M.

Notable assets and ingredients

Notable assets
Camilina or green tea : camilina or green tea is a natural product obtained from the tea plant and helps eliminate fluids from the body. This drains and helps reduce fat accumulations and cellulite thanks to its stimulation. It generates a finer and smoother appearance on our skin, in addition to leaving it very soft and hydrated.

Caffeine: The action of caffeine favors the extraction of lipids from adipose cells.

Water, Propylene alycol. Glycerin, Steareth-2-Stearyl alcohol. Caffeine. Isopropyl myristate. Decyloleate, Steareth-21. Phenozyenatol. Hydroxyethvlcellulose. Dimethicone. Parfum. Methylparaben. Camellia sinensis leaf extract*. TEA hydroiodide. B HT. Propylparaben. Ethylparaben. Sodium nitrate. Fucus vesiculosus extract. Aesculus hippocastanum seed extract. Sodium benzoate. Potassium sorbate. Hydrated silica. Tocopherol.

anti-cellulite cream has been formulated by Dr. Teresa Castells, founding pharmacist of La Pedrera Pharmacy.

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